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Furnace Issues That Need A Heating And AC Repair Company | New Orleans, LA

Furnace Issues That Need A Heating And AC Repair Company | New Orleans, LA

A furnace is critical in ensuring that your home is properly heated during the winter. Without it, the comfortability of your home can take a toll. However, this essential appliance might sometimes run into issues that might reduce its efficiency in cooling your home. Many problems include a blown combustion chamber, malfunctioning limit switch, cracked heat exchanger, clogged or dirty air filters, and frayed or malfunctioning blower belt to the oddly-colored pilot light that goes wrong with your furnace.

If the furnace fuse in your unit is repeatedly blowing, it will leave your team without electrical power. Should this happen to your furnace, the first step should be that you immediately contact an AC repair technician to inspect your system and perform any necessary repairs. Although the problem might be within your electrical system instead of the furnace itself, your HVAC repair professional in New Orleans, LA should be able to determine the problem and institute the required repairs.

Electrical furnace problems can prove challenging to resolve because many issues can cause them. Fixing them is further complicated by the fact that they can be intermittent. Therefore, they might require several tries to get to the bottom of the problem, making the furnace blow a fuse. The issue may be related to the unit’s thermostat fuse. Hence, pay attention to detail to ensure that when you call the technician, you can give a detailed account of the problem. When they come for repair, the heating and AC repair technician will check for the following:

Clogged Filter

Have you changed the furnace air filters lately? What is the relationship between a clogged air filter and a frequently blowing furnace fuse? If you haven’t replaced the air filters recently or have not cleaned them, it might be time to call a heating and AC repair company to have the filters inspected and maybe replaced. If they are clogged with dust and debris, these materials might end up in the unit’s blower motor.

It overheats, making the fuse blow out or even potentially catch fire. The technician will only have one option when repairing this issue. They must replace the filters and furnace fuse and thoroughly clean the entire system. These are things that they should be able to do when they come for furnace maintenance. Hence, retain their services to have your furnace regularly serviced for continued comfort.

Loose Wire

Internal wires may eventually fall loose due to the furnace’s vibration. A wire eventually becomes so loose that it shorts out, leaving you having an electric furnace that doesn’t heat. Finding the defective wire could take some time, but once it is, the issue can be resolved by replacing or tightening the loose wire. Ensure your system is routinely inspected and serviced to ensure those wires are tight and prevent shorts to avoid this issue. To ensure that there are no loose wires in your furnace, you should have routine maintenance done by a licensed heating and AC repair company in New Orleans, LA.

Contact with Water

Have you noticed any water leaks near the furnace or from the unit? This usually arises if your furnace is tucked up in some crawl space. Water and electricity don’t mix. When this water finds its way into your furnace, it will create a short circuit. This is reason enough for the fuse to blow. Having a heating and AC repair technician conduct regular furnace maintenance is the best way of dealing with the issues caused by excessive condensation.

Wrong Fuse

Have you had the furnace repair done lately? Was the repair done by a professional or an unqualified technician? Can it be possible that they installed a substandard or too small fuse that cannot handle the furnace? To answer this question, you should hire a reliable heating and AC repair technician to inspect the furnace. If they determine that the fuse is too small, they recommend replacing it with a rightly sized fuse.

Dirty Fuse

Have you had a heating and AC repair technician in New Orleans, LA, maintain your furnace of late? If you haven’t, some of its parts might be dirty. If the fuse is covered with grime and soot, it might no longer connect sufficiently to your unit, meaning it will fail. Hence, ensure routine maintenance to remove any dirt, soot, or grime from your unit.

Transformer Failure

If the electrical system in your building can handle 120 V, your furnace will require a transformer to change the voltage so that the controls, ignition, and timers can operate. It’s possible that your electric furnace transformer is broken, which would short the system. If so, a replacement will be required. However, you shouldn’t conduct the repair yourself. Have a professional heating and AC repair technician inspect the furnace; if the transformer is broken, it will affect the repairs.

Bad Blower Motor

The blown fuse may also result from a malfunctioning blower motor. The motor draws too much power due to the strain, which leads to the short. Your heating and AC repair technician will have to replace the motor if this is the issue.

Electrical Furnace Thermostat Control Wire

The furnace comprises various electrical components, including the thermostat. The thermostat also features electrical components that might become faulty as the furnace operates. The furnace control board features a separate fuse that protects it from overheating. Due to overheating, the fuse on your furnace blows out. Have a professional air conditioning repair technician inspect your furnace and conduct regular repairs.

There are many problems that your furnace might experience, which have a net effect of making your home uncomfortable during the winter. The last thing you want to experience is a broken furnace during winter. To prevent this, a heating and AC repair technician can conduct regular maintenance to ensure your home remains comfortable. Contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, for furnace maintenance.

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