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Five Reasons Drain Cleaning Should Be Part Of Your Home Maintenance Routine | Harvey, LA

Five Reasons Drain Cleaning Should Be Part Of Your Home Maintenance Routine | Harvey, LA

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Your plumbing works hard in your house. The drains in your home are typically used every day and multiple times throughout the day. While most people only call a plumber when they have an issue to fix, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid future costly repairs. One of those preventative measures is regular drain cleaning. If you don’t believe us that regular drain servicing is an essential part of home care, keep reading for the top five reasons that prove it to be true!

What Is a House Drain?

Before we get into the reasons why drain cleaning is crucial, let’s clarify what exactly a house drain is. A house drain is a horizontal pipe located in a house basement or cellar. Sometimes, house drains are entirely underground. These drains are typically made of copper or iron and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, like with most appliances and devices in the home, regular maintenance can help to prolong the life of house drains.

Reason One: Fewer Blockages

Small clogs in the sink or shower are annoying but also usually a warning sign of a growing problem. Don’t ignore your small clog and call the plumber for cleaning immediately. Your plumber will inspect your pipes and clean them out before the clog gets bigger. Don’t forget that if you allow a clog to grow, it can cause your toilet to overflow or your sewer lines to leak or burst. All of which are very messy and expensive problems.

Pro Tip: Don’t fool yourself into thinking that a small clog can simply be fixed with chemical drain cleaner. The store-bought cleaners typically only provide one or two days of relief before the clog reappears. Additionally, the chemicals in these products are often so strong they can cause damage to older pipes, causing more harm than good. Take our advice and just call your plumbing for cleaning.

Reason Two: Reduced Odours

No one wants to live in a home with a foul smell. Unfortunately, clogged drains often result in bad smells from deep in your plumbing rising up into the house. If the smell gets into your home, it can often be extremely difficult to clear it.

To ensure you never have to walk into a smelly home, schedule regular drain cleaning services. Your plumber will catch and clear small clogs before they develop into larger, smellier ones.

Reason Three: A Cleaner Home

Regular drain cleaning ensures you get both a clean, functional drain and a clean home. Water from your sewer line or plumbing system can carry lots of nasty things such as bugs, bacteria, and other harmful substances. If these contaminants enter your home through a backed up or clogged drain, it can result in unsanitary conditions within the home. You could end up incurring health complications and medical bills from your plumbing system! Do yourself and your health a favor and schedule regular professional drain cleaning services.

Reason Four: Reduced Expenses

You might be worried that scheduling regular drain inspections is expensive and therefore will cause you a lot of money in the long run. In actuality, the opposite is true. By scheduling regular cleaning, you will likely end up with reduced expenses. First of all, you will catch plumbing issues when they’re small and easy to fix. Additionally, as you have your drains cleaned, you can ask the plumber to inspect your sewer lines. Your sewer lines are susceptible to rust, leak, or penetration from tree roots. All of these potential problems can have drastic consequences.

Regular drain cleaning might just save you from a terrible pipe explosion. Some annual cleaning appointments are much better than having a back-up or explosion that costs a lot to fix, damages your floors or lawn, appliances, and even puts you out of the home for a few days.

Reason Five: Safe, Clean Outdoor Areas

A plumbing system that isn’t working well doesn’t just impact the inside of your home. It can also cause outdoor problems as well. For example, a blocked drain can create standing water on your property. Standing water can lead to soil erosion, dangerously slippery surfaces, mold growth, breeding grounds for insects, and cause plants, flowers, and gardens to decay. If you notice standing water around your home, it could be due to a blocked drain. Call a plumber right away to have the issue resolved.

How Often Should I Schedule Drain Cleaning?

We recommend scheduling drain cleaning once a year, even if your drains haven’t shown any signs of clogs. As your home ages, it may need frequent checkups. Or, homes with a history of many drain issues may want to schedule more frequent checkups. You can discuss with your plumber what is the optimal schedule for your home in its current state.

If you notice a drain or plumbing issue, call a plumber immediately. You don’t have to stick to your schedule when issues arise.

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