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Emergency Plumber: Why Installing An Emergency Sprinkler System Can Be A Good Idea | Timberlane, LA

Emergency Plumber: Why Installing An Emergency Sprinkler System Can Be A Good Idea | Timberlane, LA

Photo By Justin Kral at Shutterstock

When people think about fires, they almost always picture the place where they live burning down because of a massive blaze. In reality, however, most property damage from fire is avoidable with simple safety precautions that everyone should take.

Installing an emergency sprinkler system with a certified emergency plumber can protect your family and save your home if a fire ever starts.

Install A Sprinkler System Near Potential Ignition Sources

Kitchens are notorious for starting house fires, so be sure to put a sprinkler above the stove or near it and adjacent to other potential fire hotspots like televisions and lamps.

You may also want to consider external systems that can stop fires before they reach your doors and windows. Ensure that an emergency plumber installs the system so it’s completely safe.

Ensure Your System Is Ideal for the Hazards in Your Home

Most homes are built to withstand temperatures of up to 1000 Fahrenheit, so be sure to get a sprinkler system that can resist such high levels. It will protect against fires caused by hot items like curling irons and candles and more dangerous sources such as space heaters and pots on the stovetop.

Your emergency plumber can also point out potential hazard areas and items in your household that you should be aware of. It can help you stay vigilant.

Check All Piping Regularly

After a fire, the last thing you want is to discover that your sprinkler system failed because of faulty equipment or lack of sufficient water pressure in Timberlane, LA.

Therefore, perform regular maintenance and check all parts every month, especially if you live in an area with hard water. You can also get a plumber to perform regular servicing and inspections on your property.

Consider Automatic Fire Sprinklers

You can buy a complete system for as little as $2,000 or have your old one updated to include this type of system. Automatic systems use heat detectors to turn on the water flow when they sense a problem and give homeowners a better chance at avoiding property damage.

Keep An Eye on Plants and Mulch Around Your Sprinkler Heads

If you have trees that drop leaves near your home or shingles that pile up next to it, these items can smother the sprinkler heads — rendering them useless against potential fires because they won’t be able to activate correctly. Another thing that can happen is that the vegetation surrounding the sprinklers will grow too tall and end up blocking the spray.

Learn How to Use Your System for Emergency Situations

Most home fire sprinkler systems are nothing more than a hose connected to the main water supply that uses an automatic shut-off valve when water pressure drops low enough.

It makes them simple enough for anyone living to put into action even if you don’t work with any plumbing equipment regularly. You can also learn how to use your system from an emergency plumber who’s visiting for inspection.

Always Have a Portable Extinguisher Nearby

In addition to installing a fire sprinkler system, everyone should have a standard fire extinguisher near the kitchen and other rooms where fires could start quickly, such as workshops and garages.

For this device to work, however, you need to practice using it regularly. It will prepare you for a situation where you have only seconds to put out a fire before it spreads out of control.

Avoid Wearing Clothing with Dangerous Chemicals

If your clothes or other people catch on fire, the chemicals used to make them burn intensely can spread the blaze quickly if they aren’t extinguished immediately. Be sure that anything you wear is made from cotton or another substance that won’t help the flames along.

Ensure That Smoke Detectors Are Installed and Maintained Properly

It is easy for someone to avoid having their house burn down with all their possessions inside because a smoke detector failed to work due to lack of battery power or poor installation.

You can contact a local emergency plumber if you’re unsure about the installation and maintenance process.

Hold Drills Every Six Months

It can enable everyone living including pets and children, to know how to behave if a fire ever reaches the point where sprinklers activate.

While it is inevitable that some people may freeze with fear, knowing what you have to do ahead of time can help you stay calm enough to potentially save your own life as well as those of others around you during a crisis. You can also contact an emergency plumber service to talk about the advantages of an emergency sprinkler system.

How Does the Emergency Sprinkler System Work?

A fire sprinkler system contains many parts, including piping, valves, and sprinkler heads. The pipes carry water throughout the building to the various areas, including those on each floor. There are usually many separate pipe sections for a sprinkler system because a single pipe would not deliver enough water quickly enough if there were a fire in one area of the building or floor.

The valves have two main functions: firstly, they turn the water supply on and off as needed, and secondly, they regulate how much pressure is available at each fixture where a sprinkler head is located. It protects your house and neighbors from being injured due to excessive force from too much water pressure that isn’t regulated.

Standard Features in Emergency Sprinkler Systems

All sprinkler heads have a few things in common, regardless of where they are located. One is an anti-siphon valve that prevents water from flowing back into the main supply. The other is a check valve that makes it so the head cannot be opened by reverse flow of water if there was ever a problem with the lines and some water got pushed back towards the valves.

You can also consult an emergency plumber to know more about the different features of varying models of emergency sprinkler systems.

Additionally, all heads have pop-up features that activate by heat and rise out of whatever surface they happen to be mounted on just before releasing a spray of water. The amount of time this takes varies but is generally only around 20 seconds after the first sign of trouble, giving you plenty of time to get yourself or others away from danger safely.

Advantages of Contacting an Emergency Plumber for Installation

If you don’t want to take the time to install your home fire sprinkler system, or if it seems as though there are too many components for you to handle on your own in Timberlane, LA, then hiring an emergency plumber is a good idea.

However, it’s just as important that whoever does this work understands how these systems operate and how to maintain them properly, so they continue working well.

For example, if a fire does start, the person who installed the system may not know how much water pressure each head needs to activate correctly. It means some areas of your property could be left unprotected because the flow was too light, while others receive an excess of water that could damage valuable items.

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