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Emergency Plumber Tips: Causes of Clogs In Your Garbage Disposal And How To Handle The Issue | Timberlane, LA

Emergency Plumber Tips: Causes of Clogs In Your Garbage Disposal And How To Handle The Issue | Timberlane, LA

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Garbage disposal is an electrically powered waste disposal unit mounted under the sink. It is designed to collect solid food waste in the grinding chamber. The food waste is ground into tiny bits, washed through the holes in the chamber wall.

Garbage disposal clogs are common in Timberlane, LA homes. If it happens in your kitchen, call an emergency plumber for immediate help.

Here are some common causes for clogs in your garbage disposal.

Lack of Flushing Water

One of the reasons for garbage disposal clogs is the lack of flushing water. In that case, you need to call an emergency plumber to check the exact problem with your garbage disposal device. According to garbage cleaning professionals, the tiny bits are not flushed through the holes due to a lack of flushing water. There is a buildup of food particles in the garbage disposal grinding unit which blocks the water.

If you notice the garbage disposal is clogged, you should call the drain cleaning service professionals who will unmount the unit and remove the buildup and clean the holes that have been clogged. The plumber will also clean the pipes running to and from the garbage disposal unit.

You should not try DIY methods to unclog the garbage disposal unit as it is electrically powered. There may be a risk of electric shock if the unit is mishandled. Also, you may damage the garbage disposal unit during DIY cleaning.

Grinding Wrong Items

According to an experienced emergency plumber, you should avoid flushing certain items down the sink. For example, coffee grounds, banana peels, eggshells, and potato peels are known to clog the garbage disposal unit. When this food waste is grounded in the garbage disposal unit, it forms a thick paste that blocks the tiny holes of the garbage disposal unit.

If you have flushed any of the items in your sink a few days back before the clogging, you should call the plumber to find the real cause of the clog. The drain cleaning professionals have complete knowledge of the design and working of the garbage disposal unit.

They also know the correct methods to mount and unmount the garbage disposal unit. The plumber will disconnect the electric supply from the garbage disposal unit before performing any cleaning or repairs that is a safety requirement.

The plumber will clean the dirt and thick paste formed in the garbage disposal unit and cleans the holes that will unclog the garbage disposal.

According to a leading emergency plumber, you should never put fat, oil, and grease in the kitchen sink. Though these food items are not solid, they are sticky and quickly solidify in the drain pipes.

Suppose you regularly flush fat, oil, and grease in your kitchen sink. In that case, there are higher chances these viscous liquids enter the garbage disposal unit’s grinder chamber and solidify, which clogs the openings of the garbage disposal unit.

Cleaning the garbage disposal unit needs experience and practice. Hence, you need to call an emergency plumber to resolve the issue. The drain cleaning professional carries the right tools and equipment to clean the garbage disposal unit.

When you call a professional to unclog your garbage disposal unit, you can rest assured he will use suitable cleaning agents to remove fat, oil, and grease that has solidified in your garbage disposal unit.

Foreign Objects

Avoid dropping silverware or anything other than food waste in your drain. Silverware can enter your drain pipes and cause a clog. Though they will not solidify, their surfaces attract dirt and grime that will cause dirt to build up inside the drain and clog your garbage disposal unit.

If you have dropped any silverware in your drain accidentally, you need to call an emergency plumber to remove it from your drain pipes. The drain cleaning professionals have methods to find where the clog is located, and they can disassemble your drain pipes to remove the silverware stuck in your drain pipes.

With silverware removed, the water can freely flow through the garbage disposal unit to resolve the issue.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Methods to Clear Clogs in Your Garbage Disposal?

Since garbage disposal is an electrically powered unit, it may malfunction due to many reasons. Every garbage disposal unit is built differently, and it is dangerous to handle or repair electrical appliances without adequate knowledge. The DIY methods require you to pour in strong chemicals to dissolve the clog.

While it may seem like a harmless method to many, it isn’t. The strong chemicals you pour into the kitchen sink will reach your garbage disposal unit and cause irreversible damage in the long run. The longer these strong chemicals stay in your drain pipes and garbage disposal unit, the more damage they will do.

Why Should You Call Professionals to Clear Any Clog in the Garbage Disposal Unit?

Emergency plumbers undergo training to handle garbage disposal units and other electrical appliances safely. They know how to diagnose issues related to these devices. They also have experience repairing and cleaning garbage disposal units in Timberlane, LA homes.

When you call an emergency plumber to clear clogs, you can rest assured they will resolve the issue in the best way possible. They will ensure your garbage disposal unit is not damaged and functions efficiently as a new device.

Call an Emergency Plumber Today to Handle Your Garbage Disposal Issues

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans has provided drain cleaning services to Timberlane, LA, for many years. Our customers trust us for professionalism and the best resolution to your drain clog issues. We have a long list of happy customers, which we have earned through dedication and hard work.

If the garbage disposal unit in your house has clogged or not functioning correctly, give us a call. We’ll send an experienced plumber to your home in the shortest time frame and resolve the issue.

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