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Drain Cleaning Service: When Is The Right Time To Get Your Main Line Drains Cleaned? | New Orleans, LA

Drain Cleaning Service: When Is The Right Time To Get Your Main Line Drains Cleaned? | New Orleans, LA

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Sewer lines are one of the essential parts of a home’s plumbing fixtures. The central drain line is the pipe that removes the collected sewage water from your home, thereby draining it in the main sewer present in the center of the street.

Sometimes, unknown clogs and blockages in the mainline can expose you and your family to contaminated water and costly repairs. The earlier you identify the warning signs of mainline drains with the help of a drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA, the sooner you can fix it.

In addition to the common plumbing issues, New Orleans’ peculiar topography plays an integral part in the plumbing issues. Only when the mainline drain is cleaned regularly will there be no issues in the sewage flow.

So, what are the signs which indicate that it is time for a mainline drain cleaning for your New Orleans home?

When Water Backs Up in the Shower

Among the many indications of a blocked sewer line, this is probably one of the severe issues which can cause damages to the bathroom fixtures and make them unusable.

If the water that is flushed down the toilet fails to make it through the sewer line it is connected with; the water will start to re-emerge or back up at the lowest point, like shower or bathtubs.

Trying to fix this issue yourself is not the way to go about it. From cleaning the bathroom fixtures to clearing the blockage, professional intervention is required to fix this issue on time.

If you notice water backing up in the tub, shower, sinks, or toilets in your bathroom, contact a drain cleaning service right away.

When the Drains Function Slower Than Normal

If you have been living in New Orleans for years together, you will have a good idea about the flash floods in the city sometime back. Aging infrastructure, clogged drains, off-line pumps, and slow draining was the main reason for the floods.

The same applies to individual residential and commercial spaces in New Orleans too. Irregular mainline drain cleaning can slow down the drains making them more lagging than usual for no reason.

When you miss booking your regular appointment for mainline drain cleaning with a drain cleaning service, different objects and substances will start to clog up the pipes.

Grease, hair, soap, and other strange objects can often create blockages and clogs that can build over time. Many have a misconception that slow drains will get better over time.

However, without the help of plumbers from a reliable drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA, the problem will persist longer. It will pose a grievous inconvenience to everyone in the family.

When Sewage Accumulates Near the Drainage Clean Out

If you notice sewage draining out or accumulating in the sewer clean-out, remember that it is a sign of a main sewer clog. A sewer clean-out is a pipe that directly connects to your main sewer line and gives the plumbers direct access to clear the clogs and blockages.

In some New Orleans homes, given to the city’s warm climates, the sewer clean-outs will be located in the basement or outside your home marked by a rectangular or round cap. Cleaning the main lines is the only way to avoid sewage accumulation near the drain-outs.

As soon as you notice an excessive sewage accumulation in your bathroom, basement, or outside, you should get in touch with a drain cleaning service to clean the mainline drain.

If Any Tree Roots Are Penetrating the Pipes

Tree roots in main sewer lines are hard to detect and challenging to remove. Especially, the root system of an old tree can extend to hundreds of feet through the soil.

At the time of droughts, roots tend to search for water sources until they find some. The search does not exclude mainline drains and sewer lines that contain a large amount of water.

Once the roots find the main drain lines, they will start to grow within the pipes. As the root expands, it can even lead to cracks and holes in the lines, which is a foundation for more significant issues.

New Orleans and other states in Louisiana are not new to droughts. With 23.22% of the state remaining abnormally dry, many residents in New Orleans will face this issue.

If you find roots wreaking havoc in your pipes, reach out to a drain cleaning service immediately. The plumbers will remove the roots and fix any cracks in the main drain line.

When There Are Foul Odors Wafting Through the House

When you start smelling unpleasant odors spread through your house stemming from plumbing fixtures, it is high time to book an appointment with a drain cleaning service to help clean the main drain lines.

The foul smell can be the result of substance or pollutant build-up in the drain. The smells could be sewer waste or gases sitting in the gutters, and it should be dealt with right away. Coming in direct contact with sewer gases can cause serious injuries to your respiratory system.

A dry trap, damaged drain line, and blocked vents are some ways in which sewer odor gases get inside a house or a building.

If the smells persist for a more extended period accompanied by gargling sounds in the drain, then it means that the main drain line is backing up.

Book an Appointment with a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Our sewer and drain cleaners at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans use the best tools and technology to clean the main drain lines without causing any damage to the fixtures.

Our experts are adept in doing the job quickly in such a way as to help restore your lives to normal at your home. We have been serving different areas in New Orleans, LA, for quite some years, so you can trust us with the mainline drain cleaning in your home without any second thoughts.

If your mainline drain cleaning service is overdue, call us today at 504-229-4848.

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