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Drain Cleaning Service: What To Do If Your Shower Drain Smells Bad | New Orleans, LA

Drain Cleaning Service: What To Do If Your Shower Drain Smells Bad | New Orleans, LA

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When you go to your bathroom to enjoy a relaxing shower, your bathroom should smell fresh and clean. Instead, a foul odor in the shower is enough to ruin your mood for the rest of the day. And yet, this is a common problem faced by many households. The smell is usually a result of the stench that might be coming up from the sewers. The drains in and around your house should be immaculately clean at all times to prevent your bathroom from being overpowered by such a bad smell. By hiring drain cleaning service experts in New Orleans, LA, you can easily prevent this from happening. Here is how they can help if you hire them.

1.  Getting Rid of Biofilm

Biofilm is the layer of fungus and slime that forms on the surface of stagnant water. It is mostly active mold and fungus that thrives in dark and damp places like drains and sewers. The stench in the bathroom shower could result from waste decomposing in the sewer, which allows these microbes to feed and survive. You might walk into the shower to find this odor creeping up the drain. Even if you flush the drain, the smell might reside for some time, but it will keep coming back with greater intensity the next time. Unless you wash out the drain thoroughly, it is hard to get rid of the smell. You must enroll experts from the drain cleaning service to have a look.

2.  Using the Right Cleaning Agents

If the drain’s build-up is too severe, then drain cleaning service experts will dislodge it with specific tools and chemicals. Do not try DIY methods to get rid of the smell yourself. Pouring untested chemicals down the drain will lead to the drain pipes corroding, and if the pipes somehow burst, you will risk filthy water climbing up the drain and filling up the bathroom.

Moreover, biofilm or any organic blockage is home to an innumerable variety of bacteria and fungus, so you need specific chemicals to get rid of them entirely, or they might keep coming back at regular intervals. Only drain cleaning experts can use the right mix of cleaners to clean the drain pipes without damaging them, eliminating the smell for good. If you use incorrect chemicals yourself, you might end up hardening the clog instead of flushing it out.

3.  Getting Rid of Sewer Gases

It is unthinkable how a mix of sewer gases can end up damaging not just your home but also your health. When waste decomposes in the sewer, it can often give rise to toxic fumes. While you may be only worried about the smell, inhaling these gases might also cause damage to your lungs over time. You might experience breathing problems, swelling of the throat, watering eyes, and other kinds of allergies. Getting rid of the smell and the gases are a must if you want a safe and clean home, and you must always summon drain cleaning service experts to do the job for you.

They are aware of how to get rid of the gases, and they are equipped with suitable protective gear like gloves, goggles, and masks while working. It might not be possible for an inexperienced person to judge how dangerous the fumes can be, but the experts also have devices to measure the level of toxicity. The drain cleaning service technicians will do everything they can to clean up the fumes’ source and leave your bathroom safe and smelling fresh.

4.  Repairing and Cleaning Out P-Trap

One of the reasons your shower might be smelling bad is a clogged P-Trap in some parts of the house. Or it could have run dry. The P-trap is a mechanism that forms a bend in the pipe and is filled with water. The purpose is to prevent the sewage water and fumes from doubling back up the drain. If there is a clog somewhere on the bend, the chances are the wastewater is not being drained out of the house efficiently enough. Or if it has gone completely dry, then the fumes and gases are traveling back up the pipe. A non-specialist can’t fix a P-trap. You should give a call to drain cleaning service experts to help clear it out.

One of the reasons why shower drains clog is because of accumulated hair. They might get stuck in the bend of the P-trap and, over time, make a massive clot. The smell you are getting is usually hydrogen sulfide, and too much of it might make you sick. It indicates a problem in the shower drain, and you should clean it out with the help of drain cleaning service experts in New Orleans, LA.

5.  Restoring Drains And Pipes

If you are getting a foul smell from the shower drain because some pipe or sewer might have broken down, you should enroll the drain cleaning service experts. They will not only clean out the pipes but will also restore them or replace them as necessary. Broken pipes can lead to many problems, and you might have drain water seeping into your bathroom or other parts of the house. It might also ruin your plumbing, and the wastewater may damage the drywall. You can redo the shower’s plumbing with expert help and remove the foul smell emanating from the drain.

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With expert advice from the certified plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans you will never have to worry about a clogged or smelly shower drain in any bathroom of your house. Our drain cleaning service experts will use specialized cleaning agents and tools to clear out your drain. Make a call anytime to get a quote, and our experts will visit your premises for an inspection so that you don’t have to get your hands dirty at all.

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