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Drain Cleaning Service Tips: Causes of Blockages In The Kitchen Drains And How To Unclog Them | New Orleans, LA

Drain Cleaning Service Tips: Causes of Blockages In The Kitchen Drains And How To Unclog Them | New Orleans, LA

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One of the main issues in the kitchen is drain blockages and foul odor. A kitchen drain blockage can become an unpleasant and massive problem for the residents of the house if not dealt with correctly. Here we will discuss why clogs happen in the kitchen drains in the first place and how to unclog them.

Grease Buildup

One of the biggest culprits in kitchen blockage is leftover cooking grease. Many times leftover cooking grease is poured into the drain accidentally by your spouse. Also, some people collect leftover grease in mason jars and keep them beside the sink. They forget to label that content should not be poured down the kitchen drain.

The main reason for not pouring leftover cooking grease in the kitchen sink is though the cooking grease is in liquid form while pouring, it eventually solidifies after cooling. It means the cooking grease you poured down in the kitchen drain will not easily wash away. While most parts will get flushed with water that flows through kitchen drains, some parts will solidify and stick to the inner circumference of the drain pipes. Over time the grease buildup increases and at a certain point the solidified grease occupies the complete inner circumference of the pipe and prevents the flow of water.

  • How to Unclog It?

Most New Orleans, LA residents follow DIY methods to clear the blockage. They buy strong chemicals and pour them down the kitchen sink. Such methods can be devastating for the kitchen drains. The strong chemicals may dissolve some blockage and offer you temporary respite but they will cause severe damage to the drain pipes and the system that might lead to expensive repairs.

If your kitchen drain is blocked due to cooking grease buildup, call drain cleaning service. The professionals will use pipe cameras to find the exact location of the blockage in the kitchen drains. Based on their findings, the drain cleaning service professionals may use tools like manual or motorized drain snakes to clear the blockage. While removing the drain blockage, they will ensure there is no damage to any component of your kitchen drains.

Human Hair

Many women think washing their hair in the kitchen is perfectly all right. Besides convenience, the depth of the kitchen sink gives them more room for a deeper clean. While they may walk happily out of the kitchen with their clean goldilocks, the damage is done. According to a leading drain cleaning service, kitchen drain blockages are frequent in homes where women wash their hair in the kitchen sink. When you wash your hair, some long strands of hair breakage and are washed away in the kitchen drain. If you have a lot of hair and lose a lot while washing hair, it will not take long to form a hairball in the kitchen drain causing a blockage. The hair strands get stuck in the sludge inside the drain pipes making things complicated.

  • How to Unclog It?

Many people pour gallons of water into the kitchen sink hoping the dirt and hair strands stuck inside the water will get washed away. Some people also buy plumber snakes hoping to clear the kitchen drain blockage by themselves. According to a leading drain cleaning service, using a plumber snake is not easy as it looks. The DIY videos may make it look easy but it isn’t. If you have no experience of rooting in a kitchen drainpipe, you are less likely to use it correctly and make things worse.

Drain cleaning experts mention if you have galvanized pipes in kitchen drains and use a plumber snake incorrectly, you could end up scraping off the corroded sections of the pipes and push the blockage deeper in the drainage system. The best solution is to call a local drain cleaning service that can remove the clog caused by human hair and get your kitchen drain working again.

Old Food

When you wash utensils in the kitchen sink after a meal, small and large food particles are washed away in the kitchen drain. Many times people also throw leftover food chunks in the kitchen sink and hope to get them washed away in the main sewer system. Some people also throw eggshells, coffee grinds in the kitchen drains. According to drain cleaning service professionals, these are the wrong habits to dispose of leftovers and kitchen waste.

The right way is to scrape away food from your plates in the dustbin and throw leftovers, eggshells, coffee grinds in the dustbin. When you throw food in the kitchen drains, some of the food chunks stick to the inner surfaces of the drain pipes. Over time they attract more food particles and debris and the whole drain pipe is blocked by hardened sticky food waste.

  • How to Unclog It?

Some people pour bleach to dissolve the blockages. Drain cleaning service experts mention this is a dangerous thing to do and your DIY cleaning actions can wreak havoc on your drain pipes. The best thing to do is call drain cleaning service from New Orleans, LA. The drain cleaning professionals will inspect the blockage with pipe cameras and use the right tools to clear the blockage.

Advantages of Hiring Drain Cleaning Professionals to Clear Kitchen Drain Blockages

Drain cleaning and removing blockages is a complicated task that needs expertise and expertise. The drain cleaning service professionals have experience in clearing various types of kitchen drain blockages and know the right tools to clear them. While following any cleaning method, they inspect the drain pipes and ensure the cleaning method does not do any damage to the drainage system.

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