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Debunking The Common Myths Regarding Drain Cleaning Services | New Orleans, LA

Debunking The Common Myths Regarding Drain Cleaning Services | New Orleans, LA

Although they play a critical role in ensuring sanitation in various New Orleans, LA homes, the drains are among the most ignored components of the plumbing system. Some homeowners only consider the drainage system an afterthought, especially if something goes wrong. However, it is essential to also think about the health of your drains even when they are working fine.

Many factors result in clogging that some homeowners might have no idea of. Plumbers advise that debris accumulation is the leading cause of clogging. The dirt or debris might accumulate or collect within the pipes and result in an obstruction. Eventually, this slows down the wastewater flow through the drains to a point where the wastes might not even flow.

Some homeowners have various myths regarding drain cleaning. This might affect how they maintain and treat the drains. However, plumbers advise that homeowners have a regular drain cleaning service at least once per annum to ensure they don’t fall victim to the effects of clogged drains. Although there are other maintenance services for the drainage system, drain cleaning services are among the main.

The many myths propelled by some homeowners are the reason for this. These myths generally hinder the homeowner’s ability to make the right decisions regarding their drains and plumbing system. To ensure that you are in the know regarding the drain cleaning myths and can make the proper judgment, below are the main myths as debunked by your plumber.

Liquid Drain Cleaners Are Better

Today, many adverts and persuasive commercials on the TV, Radio, Internet, and print media about chemical drain cleaning products might fool a homeowner into purchasing them. Every homeowner might have to deal with a clogged drain at one point or another. Unfortunately, most homeowners seek chemical drain cleaning solutions rather than hire a plumber for a drain cleaning service. However, the homeowners don’t realize that the liquid drain cleaners harm their drains and might even exacerbate the issue.

One of the main reasons the homeowners are advised to hire a plumber for drain cleaning is to avert the issues caused by the chemical drain cleaners. At the outset, using the chemical drain cleaners has two main problems. First, the chemicals might be dangerous to you and your family because they are acidic and toxic.

Second, they are also harmful to the pipes making the drainage system. A good number of the liquid drain cleaners feature hydrochloric acid. This acid might melt the materials making the pipe or result in corrosion if you have copper or galvanized steel pipes.

Because of the harsh properties of these chemicals, they can easily weaken the pipes or make them develop holes. Eventually, the drains will spring leaks, and the now weak pipes are prone to breaking. A drain cleaning service offered by a professional is the only permanent solution to this issue. You’ll save on repair, replacement, and maintenance costs.

The Drainage System Is Connected

You, not the drains, must be connected, though only to a certain extent. Not all the drains are directly connected. Though all the drains tend to empty into a single sewer system, that does not mean they are connected directly. To understand this more clearly, consider the complex interconnection of the veins and arteries that run through a human body. The main artery will serve as a sewer line, with the smaller veins acting as the individual drain lines.

So, what does this mean? It indicates that whenever the bathroom drains or sink are clogged; it might not affect the other drainage lines at your home like those connected to your dishwasher. Unfortunately, whenever the main sewer line is clogged, it might have catastrophic impacts because the entire drainage system will also be clogged.

It might prove difficult for you to try resolving this issue yourself. Hence, you are advised to enlist the assistance of a drain cleaning service provider in New Orleans, LA, to remove the obstruction or blockage and clean and clear the drains. The professional has the experience and tools to clear the blockage and inspect the drains for hairline cracks or pinhole leaks. If they detect any, they will recommend several solutions and use the most viable one that resolves the issue permanently.

Myth: Professional Drain Cleaning Is a Waste of Money

Some homeowners have this misconception; that professional drain cleaning will only cost them time and money. Some believe that they can use simple tools like plungers to remove the clogs or pour a liquid drain cleaning solution to remove the clog. DIY videos on the internet or YouTube is a common reason for this myth.

Although DIY hacks might help, they only are but a temporary solution to this plumbing issue. It will only matter whenever the homeowner has the right tools that might cost a fortune to purchase. Additionally, the chemical drain cleaning agents might result in more harm than good. Unfortunately, not all clogs can be removed using a plunger or a liquid drain cleaning solution.

Although they may remove a minor blockage, some obstructions are better left to a professional drain cleaning service provider. It is advised that homeowners leave plumbing jobs to professionals. If you do not know how the plumbing system works, do not attempt the DIY work, no matter how simple the issue.

Frequently Blocked Sewage Lines Require a Replacement

Like the drains, sewer lines are also vital to your home. However, they might become frequently clogged due to their functionality. They carry all manner of debris and dirt through them. However, when some homeowners see the drainage system frequently clogging, they assume it should be replaced. However, you must hire a professional to inspect the drains to determine the reason behind the frequent clogs. In most cases, the reason might be cracks, leaks, or even penetrating tree roots, which a drain cleaning service provider in New Orleans, LA, can fix without a replacement.

Thorough Drain Cleaning Services Near You

There are many myths surrounding the plumbing system. Unfortunately, some misconceptions make the homeowners arrive at a poor decision regarding caring for their plumbing. Whenever you aren’t sure about anything regarding your drains, enlist the help of a plumber. If you need a drain cleaning service, don’t hesitate to contact us at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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