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Dangers Of Mold Growth In AC Units And When You Need Air Conditioning Repair To Fix It | Timberlane, LA

Dangers Of Mold Growth In AC Units And When You Need Air Conditioning Repair To Fix It | Timberlane, LA

The World Health Organization associates mold growth with indoor air pollution. It is mostly in kitchen, basement, or bathroom areas because of moisture that facilitates mold growth. Without proper maintenance of the air conditioners by qualified air conditioning repair professionals, dust and dirt accumulate in the unit. This acts as the organic food for the mold spores.

For mold growth to thrive in the system, the condenser and evaporator coils of the poorly maintained AC can leak water in the condensing unit to the drain line and drain pan, creating moisture and the best breeding space for its growth.

With the dirt and dust in the system and the leaking coils, mold spores are more likely to grow spontaneously. Dirty air ducts in your Timberlane, LA, can also provide a conducive ground for mold to grow and thrive without AC repair and regular cleaning services.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to prevent mold growth in the air conditioners that can lead to costly air conditioning repair services, but let’s start with the dangers of mold in the AC equipment.

Rapid Growth of Mold

The first danger of mold in the air conditioning unit is the increased risk of having mold in your entire house. Since the air conditioning system circulates cool air throughout the residential building through the ductwork, it supplies countless spores in all parts of your house.

Failure to notice the problem early and call for AC repair services might lead to a higher concentration of mold spores growing in every wet part of your home, compromising your indoor air quality.

You might later see molds in almost all dark spots in the attic, closets, bathroom, crawlspaces, or kitchen cabinets because it thrives in dump roofs, windows, pipes, carpets, drywall, and wooden surfaces.

If the mold growth is widespread from the AC to other parts of the house, the homeowner should call for urgent air conditioning repair and cleaning services. You can also get a certified mold removal professional to remove the identified mold in other parts of the house.

Allergy-related Health Complications

Air conditioners are responsible for enhancing indoor air quality in a home. Mold compromises the healthy indoor air and leads to adverse health problems that might take time and money to treat.

Others might not even have a simple allergic reaction, making them survive with mold for a while before they pinpoint some and call for AC repair and cleaning services. Some of the health issues triggered with exposure to mold spores in your home include:

  • Upper respiratory tract infections: Asthmatic people in a home can have an asthma attack because of mold spores. They will have difficulties in breathing, cough profusely, and complain of chest tightness, a problem that needs urgent medical attention. A licensed air conditioning repair contractor to clean the AC unit is something that a homeowner with an asthmatic patient should consider as an emergency to prevent asthma attacks that might cause death.
  • Acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage: This condition is frequent in children, leading to memory loss.
  • Hay fever symptom: the allergens produced by molds make people sensitive to them sneeze, have a running nose, complain of sore throats and headaches. Their eyes might turn red, and they might have a skin rash.

The best way to stop the allergic reactions in your Timberlane, LA, home from the air conditioning unit is a thorough cleaning by qualified AC repair experts.

Damages the Structural Integrity of the Building

Mold spread through the AC can also damage the structural integrity of your house. They form dark colors on the walls, floors, carpets, and wooden cabinets and closets.

As the mold from the air conditioning unit grows in dumb places in the home, you will see dark patches in all those places, damaging the beauty of your house and decreasing your home value.

When the mold is too much, you will need a mold removal expert to work on the moldy parts of the home as an air conditioning repair technician focuses on cleaning the AC unit and the ductwork.

How to Prevent Molds from Growing in an AC Unit

Controlling moisture in the air conditioner is one way of preventing mold reproduction in the unit. The air conditioning repair expert can recommend periodic maintenance of the system to ensure the removal of all traces of spores in all the parts of the system.

The professionals in Timberlane, LA, make sure the system is optimal to prevent leaks that create moisture. Some of the preventive measures that will ensure your HVAC system lasts longer include:

  • Controlling Humidity Levels: The system should be free from cooled humid air in the air conditioner and condensation to avert the possibility of mold growing in the unit.
  • The Ductwork: Another way of preventing AC molds is the air conditioning repair expert makes sure the air ducts are properly sealed, preventing leakages that can promote mold spores.
  • Air Filters Replacement or Cleaning: Regular maintenance of the air filtration system in the air conditioner is vital in preventing mold growth. The air conditioning repair experts can replace or clean air filters, preventing mold multiplication in the unit.

The drainage system of the whole house air conditioners should be operating at its peak to remove excess condensation from your AC equipment through to the utility sink to remove moisture that makes mold spores multiply and thrive in the unit.

Call Us For Quality HVAC Services!

The only way to make sure mold does not grow in any part of your home or appliances like the air conditioner is to control moisture. But, if it has already thrived in your AC and all the damp areas in your home, do not panic; instead, call bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA.


You can depend on us for prompt and competent AC repair services, leaving your AC working efficiently and your family comfortable without the risk of allergic reactions. Our air conditioning repair technicians identify the type of AC unit to clean, including window AC units, portable ACs, central air conditioners, and wall-mounted stand-alone AC units that are susceptible to promoting mold growth. Contact us today for competent HVAC services.

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