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Count On Expert Air Conditioning Repair From Reliable Experts At bluefrog | New Orleans, LA

Count On Expert Air Conditioning Repair From Reliable Experts At bluefrog | New Orleans, LA

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The way a home services company is run is a big part of why customers rely on it, and at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, LA, our trusted plumbing and drain service sets a standard of excellence that we’d like to apply to heating and air conditioning repair as well. We’ve brought expert technicians onto our team, coached them in our winning values and standards, and taught them the techniques we use to ensure that we can meet our customers’ expectations in the important areas of reliability, straightforward service, and trusted care in air conditioning repair. We know you already count on us, and we’ve added more reasons that you can turn to us when your home needs expert help. When you need air conditioning repair here in New Orleans, we know you want top bluefrog service.

When Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair?

It’s not necessary to wait until your AC quits before you call us for expert AC repair services. In fact, even if the only sign is that your AC can’t quite keep up with cooling your home anymore, it’s time to call for help. The solution might be as simple as a clogged air filter, but it could also involve icing of your system’s coils which should be addressed by an experienced professional to avoid damage. Your air handling equipment, including fan belts and motors, could need repair or replacement so the cool air can reach all the corners of your home, and of course, the coils on your outdoor unit might be dirty or damaged and inefficient as well. You’ve gone from lack of comfort to realizing there’s something you can do about it, and probably should. Our air conditioning repair experts look carefully to find what’s really going on with your system, so you can relax and stay cool when they’re done.

Other Signs That Air Conditioning Repair Is Needed

Normally, your AC unit outside probably makes a click followed by a whirring noise, and you know that cooling is imminent. If you notice that the click happens more than once without anything else, or never seems to happen anymore, or the whirring is more of a rattling, you’re picking up on changes in your unit’s operation that should be addressed. In the best case, a simple electrical repair can get your system running smoothly and reliably again, and if there are other problems catching them early can help by allowing a simpler solution to work, rather than a major repair. The same goes for other noises, rattles, leaks, and any damage you see on your outside unit, or even indoors. Smells can also be important, such as electrical smells or unfortunate odors that result from the indoor part of your system not draining properly and growing algae. If yours is in the attic, that’s especially important since spills can head towards the downstairs ceiling.

Ducts, Vents, and Air Circulation

An important part of air conditioner repair that’s often neglected is checking the ducts and vents to make sure the cool air can flow freely throughout your home. Dirty ducts should be cleaned, and we recommend our periodic preventive duct cleaning service to keep the airways clear and make sure accumulated dust, allergens, and other materials don’t get blown around with the cool air. Vents and air intakes need to be clear and not covered by furniture or other objects, making sure that vents have space to blow the air into the room, and not get redirected by nearby furniture. Airflow is important for creating a balanced, properly cooled environment in each room.

Zoned Duct Systems

Speaking of airflow, if you have a single duct system serving your whole house our air conditioning repair team can convert it into a zoned system, with separate air circulation for areas with different usage patterns and temperature preferences, such as your bedrooms, living room, and family room or home theater. Separate zones with separate thermostats allow you to set each area the way you want it, and not send cooling to areas that are unoccupied for some time. This also helps your AC system work less hard, resulting in lower energy use and fewer air conditioning repairs, a great deal overall. If you add smart thermostats or integrate thermostats into a smart home system, you can save more energy and add conveniences like automatic temperature adjustments based on time, room occupancy determined by sensors, even whether or not your automatic shades are down. Our air conditioning repair team stays current with the latest technologies, and can help you work with our experts to design a zoned system that’s right for your home and lifestyle.

AC Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Unexpected Repairs

Don’t forget, our air conditioning team also does maintenance and they can often catch problems early as they expertly maintain your system. This helps avoid problems during peak cooling season, when your system is working hard and even a little bit of downtime can leave you sweating at home. Maintenance also helps prolong the life of your unit, and keep it as efficient as possible.

Replacing Your AC for Efficiency as Well as End of Service Life

These days, homeowners are making the repair or replace decision for their AC systems both because the unit is showing signs that it might not make it through another season and because newer units are so much more energy-efficient that the payback from the switch may be significant. Newer two-stage air conditioner systems have compressors that work hard or take it easy depending on the amount of cooling needed, keeping your home more consistently comfortable as well.

Expert Air Conditioning Services in New Orleans, LA

We’re bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, your solid home services company from plumbing and drain care to HVAC services, all delivered the way you like them: timely, reliable, and efficient. Call our team and get cool today!

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