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Common Reasons You Need a Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

Common Reasons You Need a Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

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At some point in owning a home, you will likely have to call a plumber for water heater repair. On average, a tank-style water heater will last between eight and twelve years. However, with frequent use or accidents, a water heater can leak, explode, or need repairs sooner than expected. If you suspect you need water heater repair in Harvey, LA, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for professional, quality service. Keep reading for a complete list of the most common reasons someone needs water heater repair.

No Hot Water

There is nothing quite like stepping into a relaxing, hot shower at the end of a long day. If you find that when you’ve been going into the shower lately that it’s not getting very hot, it could be an indication of a problem with your water heater. You will need to call a professional plumber in for water heater repair. The plumber will inspect the pilot, the gas control valve, and the thermocouple. For electric water heaters, the plumber will need to examine the heating elements and thermostats. The good news is that a lack of hot water doesn’t always require a full replacement for the appliance; it’s often just a repair job.

Inadequate Hot Water

An inadequate supply of hot water means you start your shower off at the right temperature, but the hot water almost immediately disappears. This is likely a sign that your hot water is producing hot water but isn’t providing enough to meet your needs. There are several reasons why this could be happening, including:

  • The demand is too high. The size of your water heater doesn’t correlate with the number of people in your home and the frequency of use.
  • For particularly cold areas, the thermostat temperature might need to be increased during the winter months.
  • A reduction in the incoming water pressure.
  • The water heater thermostat is set too low. Many families turn the thermostat down in the summer to conserve energy and then forget to turn it back.
  • A faulty thermostat.
  • A faulty electrical heating element.
  • Sediment build up in the tank.
  • Distance to the water heater is too far.
  • Faulty dip tube.
  • Gas burner is dirty or broken.
  • Water heater is worn out and needs replacing.

As there are so many possible reasons the hot water is running out so quickly, it’s best to call a professional for water heater repair. A plumber will identify the problem and offer up some recommendations to address the issue at hand.

Smelly or Rusty Water

If you turn on your pipes and notice your water is discolored or smelly, it can be highly problematic. Water that is smelly or rusty is likely contaminated and unsafe to drink. Typically, unusual water is due to pipe corrosion or bacteria buildup from the water heater. Ask yourself several questions so you can be prepared for the plumber when they come in for the water heater repair:

  • How long has this been happening? Longer than just a few days?
  • Do all of the faucets throughout the house produce smelly or rusty water? Is it worse in some faucets of the house than others?
  • Have you used the water lately, or were you away for a while?
  • Does the water turn clear after you’ve let the water run for a while?
  • Does it happen with both the cold and hot faucets?

Discoloration in water is often due to high mineral levels of iron and copper in the water, which causes the pipes to rust. This is very common in areas that have “hard” water.

Smelly water that gives off an odor of sewage or rotten eggs is likely a sign of bacteria growth in the water tank. If the water smells like garlic, it can mean the pilot light needs to relight. And lastly, if the smell is overpowering, it could be a sign of an issue with the gas line itself.

Strange Noises

Have you lately been sitting watching television in your home and thought to yourself, “what’s that clanking and groaning sound coming from the basement?” No, it’s not a horror movie come to real life, it’s likely just your water heater. However, a water heater should always be entirely silent, so when it makes noises, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

Rumbling & Popping

A popping or rumbling noise is usually the sound of boiling water. This is often due to sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank which caused the tank to overheat and boil the water. You will have to call for water heater repair and have the sediment flushed out of the tank.


If you hear hissing sounds, it could be a leak in the tank that is causing water to drop down onto the burner. If your heater is new or was recently turned off and then back on, this is perfectly normal. It’s just the condensation from the bottom of the tank dripping onto the burner as the tank heats up again. The noise should stop within a few hours of the container fully heating up.

If you haven’t recently turned your water heater back on, or it’s not a new water heater, you’ll need to schedule a water heater repair service as there is something else wrong.

Water Leaks

If you notice a pool of water surrounding your water heater, you may have sprung a leak. A leaky water heater can be because of a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, a leak from the tank, or a leak from a nearby plumbing connection. A plumbing connection or a defective pressure valve can be repaired, but a leaking tank will require a full replacement. Regardless of what you think the problem may be, a professional plumber will be necessary.

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