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Common FAQs About Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Common FAQs About Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

What is Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning means having the entire air duct system, including all the vents cleaned using professional-grade cleaning equipment. Furthermore, a professional duct cleaning service may also clean the grills, fans, the HVAC unit, and a furnace if you have one.

A professional HVAC service like bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans has a lot of professional equipment to clean air ducts and create a safe, healthier environment for you and your family.

What type of equipment is used in duct cleaning?

A professional duct cleaning service uses a wide variety of equipment to clean the air ducts. Equipment can range from small hand-held tools to heavy-duty machines. Also, professional cleaners will have at least one inspection tool.

The inspection tools can range from a simple mirror to CCTV cameras with flexible cables to reach those hard-to-see parts. The inspection equipment is necessary when there is a blockage or any other reason to inspect the vents.

Basic cleaning tools include vacuum cleaners and brushes. It is not recommended that you clean the air ducts on your own. If you do it wrong, you can make debris fall into your house, contaminating the air. Your best option is to find a professional HVAC service in Timberlane, LA.

How are the air ducts cleaned?

Step 1: Inspecting the ducts

A technician needs to inspect the ducts. A professional duct cleaning service should have cameras that can reach all the parts of the duct to show how much dust has accumulated before cleaning.

The inspection stage also presents the opportunity to inspect the vents for any leakages or kinks that need to be repaired by the dust cleaning service.

Step 2: Applying negative pressure and removing debris

A duct cleaning service will use a large, industry-grade vacuum device to remove contaminants from the ducts.

The first step is to cut a hole in the duct to insert the vacuum hose. The supply and return sides of the duct are different, and both sides must be cleaned. The technician then needs to seal the register in each room tightly.

Once the technician has completed the above steps, the next step is to turn the vacuum on. Negative pressure is created, and contaminants in the duct are sucked into the vacuum. After negative pressure has been created, the technician needs to clean each duct. A good HVAC service will use brushes and vacuum cleaners to ensure all contaminants are sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Cleaning the entire HVAC system (optional)

A good duct cleaning service should clean all the other AC unit components. Cleaning the entire HVAC system will extend the lifespan of your AC and improve the quality of air in your home.

Step 4: Final inspection

After cleaning, the final step is to inspect the air ducts to ensure they are free of any dust and debris.

How can I prevent my air ducts from getting dirty?

  • Replacing the air filter regularly: The best way to ensure your ducts don’t get clogged is to change your air filter regularly. The recommended interval is to change the air filter every two to three months. If you have pets or live in a dusty area, changing the air filter every month is better.
  • Cleaning the house regularly: Dust and debris in your home can find their way into the air ducts. Preventing your ducts from getting dirty begins with ensuring your home is always clean.
  • Invest in an air purifier: It is important to ensure that the air in your home is clean. Investing in an air purifier can help keep the air in your house clean.
  • Keeping the air vents open: To prevent the air ducts from getting clogged, make sure the vents are always open so you don’t keep contaminants trapped in the vents.
  • Having the HVAC system cleaned by a duct cleaning service: The best way to keep your air duct clean is to have it consistently cleaned by a professional HVAC service. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we handle your AC unit with care.

How long does duct cleaning take?

Duct cleaning can take anywhere from an hour to a whole day, depending on the HVAC system and the dust build-up. Standard cleaning can take two to three hours. If the air ducts cover more than one floor, the process will take longer.

How often should you clean your ducts?

It would be best to clean your ducts every two to five years. However, if you have a reason to call a duct cleaning service more often, there is no need to delay. If you have a pet with a lot of hair or live in a dusty area, you might want to get the ducts cleaned more often. Furthermore, if you are moving into a new house, it is important to get the ducts cleaned.

Does air duct cleaning require the use of any chemicals?

There are no chemicals used to clean air ducts. A duct cleaning service only uses professional air duct cleaning equipment. Chemicals will only be used if rodents and other organisms are found in the HVAC system.

Do I have to leave the house when the duct is being cleaned?

You don’t have to leave the house when the ducts are being cleaned. The equipment can be noisy, and you may need to stay away from certain parts of the house.

How do I know if the technicians did a thorough job?

You can ask the technician to walk you through the process and show you exactly what they did. Take the cover off and inspect the inside carefully. It should be clean and free from dust and debris.

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans: Best HVAC services in Timberlane

Looking for premium duct cleaning services in Timberlane, LA? Look no further than bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Our technicians are always ready to leap into action 24/7. Our technicians have earned the reputation of being some of the best in Timberlane, LA, with their hard work and dedication.

We worry, so you don’t have to. Why not set up an appointment or call us via our website today and let us see what we can do to clean your air duct system. You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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