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bluefrog Plumbing: Your Reliable Emergency Plumber | Harvey, LA

bluefrog Plumbing: Your Reliable Emergency Plumber | Harvey, LA

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We all know how dealing with emergency drain problems and clean ups can be stressful. That can however, be taken care of by an emergency plumber. At bluefrog, we have been in the plumbing industry for quite a long time, and built a solid track record. We offer a wide range of plumbing services as you will find out later in this section. We are a licensed company with the best team of technicians in Harvey, LA. Being a company based in Louisiana, we are fully connected to the entire state as well as surrounding cities. We are committed to ensuring all of your plumbing needs are met.

At bluefrog, we have the best emergency plumbers equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment that are updated regularly to meet the highest standards possible. We have well trained experts that adhere to all government guidelines and regulations. We are a team committed to giving you high quality services, making sure every coin is worth it. At bluefrog, we uphold the highest levels of professionalism and you can always feel free around our team of experts.

Our many years in the plumbing industry has seen us grow into greater heights. We have a solid track record that confirms that. Apart from providing you with the best plumbers when you are in need, here are some of the other services we offer.

Drain Clean Up Services

Cleaning drain clogs and overflows can honestly be very frustrating. When not handled properly, drain clogs can lead to serious drainage problems. When faced with such issues in your home, you are warned against using home remedies like liquid drain removers or plungers to fix it. Home remedy isn’t recommended because it could lead to more damage as plungers and drain cleaners could corrode the already affected water system. Such occurrences could lead to more water clogs. In some rare situations, however, plungers can help when used properly. Drain cleaners on the other hand, pose a great risk of breaking the toilet basement that could result in more leaks. We can assure you of the best drain cleaning services at any time of the day, because we can send our emergency plumbers even late in the night. We have specially trained experts that can fix drainage systems and are experienced to handle any drain issue no matter how sophisticated it is.

You get in touch with us for professional emergency plumbers immediately when you experience a drain malfunction. Despite the efforts against it, a research showed that many homeowners attempt to fix drainage blockages by themselves before contacting professional emergency plumbers.

Drain Blockages in the Interior

Being an established company, we are good at getting rid of grease and other dirty materials found in toilet clogs as well as kitchen drains. For tough blockages that prove difficult to be eliminated, our emergency plumbers will use hydro jetting to remove them. They can also use classic auger to eliminate toilet clogs without necessarily causing any damage to your seat. In situations where several drain issues are experienced, chances are the main sewer line is blocked and you’ll need emergency plumbers to inspect it.

Sewer Drain Blockages

If you notice that drains in your office or home are running slowly, call us for an emergency plumber. We offer professional sewer services that can eliminate the problem. We have modernised equipment that can eliminate clogs in main sewer lines and fix the faulty parts. When our technicians suspect intrusion or blockages, they will carry out a high technology camera inspection to establish the cause of the problem. They will then fix and prevent such from happening again. One trend we have noticed with sewers is that they need proper drain cleaning services. Failure to that, they can cause serious damages.

Commercial Plumbing Services

Louisiana is a densely populated state and you will need reliable and skilled plumbers to handle your drainage system. bluefrog Plumbing is a company with many years of experience and prides itself in having a competent team of experts to handle any plumbing problem. We have a team that is trained in dealing with drain cleaning services that will handle your plumbing problem when called upon. Our experts have worked in both business and residential apartments with success, so we can handle any drain system. In addition, we have a remarkable customer support team that is always ready to answer your concerns. You can trust with any plumbing issue you have.

When you experience any of the problems mentioned above, do not panic or try to fix them by yourself. You might make the situation harder by doing so. The best thing to do is call a trusted professional plumber to fix the problem for you. Here are the reasons why getting in touch with a professional plumber from bluefrog is important.

  • Effectiveness: As much as some home remedies can help fix drainage issues, it won’t stay fixed for long. Home remedies don’t thoroughly fix drainage problems and are more likely to lead to larger clog formation. When faced with such situations, get emergency plumbers from Bluefrog to help sort your problem permanently.


  • Odor riddance: Professional drain cleaners will comprehensively get rid of odors that come from kitchen drainage and lavatory. We handle such situations professionally by hydro jetting, a remedy that leaves your drainage system with a good scent.


  • Long lasting solutions: Our professional plumbers provide long term solutions to clogged and slow draining systems in Harvey, LA. They will also fix other problems that might be caused by the initial blockage.


  • High professional standards: At bluefrog, we use the most recent and updated technology with state-of-the-art equipment for high quality drain cleaning services. We are among the few plumbing companies offering warranties on their services. We value good traits and have always advocated for fairness. We can guarantee you value for your money with our excellent services.

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