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Avoid These Dangers Through Professional Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Avoid These Dangers Through Professional Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Your home’s drainage system is a critical plumbing fixture that should remain operational and in top condition. It quickly drains the wastewater away from your New Orleans, LA home. Therefore, it is an integral part of your plumbing system that ensures comfort and convenience at your home. However, for the drainage system to continue working at an optimal state throughout its service life, enlist the help of a reputable plumbing company like bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to service the drainage system regularly.

Please don’t mistake keeping the drains dirty or neglecting them. This will severely compromise the efficiency and efficacy of your home’s plumbing system. Dirty drains can have an impact on your family’s health and your home’s hygiene. To prevent these adverse problems, you must work with a drain cleaning service to ensure your drains are efficiently working at the top of their performance. Here are some dangers of neglecting and failing to ensure that your drains are professionally cleaned annually.

Structural Damages

Do you know that dirty drains can compromise your home’s structural integrity? When you neglect your drains, they become more susceptible to clogs and leaks. If the leaks aren’t fixed on time, they might cause the wood to rot or weaken the concrete, placing your home at the risk of collapse. If the leaks occur below or within the slab foundation, they may have more severe impacts.

For example, the slab leaks might weaken the surface where your slab foundation rests and result in shifting and cracking your home’s foundation. When the foundation shifts, your home’s wall might crumble and crack. Therefore, when you neglect the drains, you could incur high repair expenses or lose your home. Fortunately, you can prevent such problems by requesting professional drain cleaning services to have your drains cleaned once annually.

Deteriorating Health

Your drainage system plays a vital role in ensuring your family’s health. If they are dirty, they might harbor vermin and pests that carry parasites to your home and might cause serious illnesses. Drain flies and roaches are some drain pests that thrive and grow in dirty drains. The dirty drains are also known to offer a perfect environment for fungi, viruses, and bacteria to thrive.

Unfortunately, when these microorganisms come to your home, they might induce illnesses in your family. For example, the existence of salmonella within your drains might cause typhoidal infections whenever they mix or come into contact with food. Similarly, suppose the molds start to grow in your filthy drains. In that case, they’ll soon find their way into the house and cause asthma flare-ups and allergic reactions, among other respiratory problems, to avoid such an eventuality. Work with a drain cleaning service to ensure your drains are pathogen-free.

Drain Clogs and Slow Drains

Many different things go down the drains; food particles, hairs, oils, greases, and soap scum. With passing time, the materials above stick within the sides of your drain pipes, hindering the wastewater’s smooth flow from your house. The dirty drains start by casing slow drains, meaning that the wastewater will take longer than usual to drain away from your home. Most homeowners in New Orleans, LA, try using plungers to unclog the drains.

Although this might work in some cases, it doesn’t solve what is causing the problem. If you don’t do anything more to clean the slow drains, you might sooner have to deal with total drain clogs and the issues caused by these blockages. To avoid such an eventuality, ensure you hire an expert drain cleaning service to keep the drains clean. Getting them annually cleaned ensures any materials which might cause drain clogs or slow drains are removed before they cause any severe plumbing issue.

Unpleasant Odors

As we’ve mentioned above, if your drains are dirty, they can encourage bacterial growth within. As they break the organic matter within the wastewater down, an unpleasant odor may be produced.

If a homeowner does nothing to resolve this problem, the foul stench will fill their home soon. However, when they feel or sense the foul odor, some homeowners apply air fresheners hoping the odor will disappear. However, the odor won’t go away regardless of the volume of air refreshers they use without addressing the cause of the foul odor. Thus, the only way of eliminating the foul stench from your home is by denying the microorganisms within the drains the resources they need to survive. Hiring a drain cleaning service like bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans is vital to ensure that your drains remain clean.

A Reduction In Your Plumbing System’s Service Life

A plumbing system is a highly durable component of your home. Based on quality, the plumbing system can serve you for several decades. However, you should note that durability depends on how well you maintain the plumbing system. If you ignore or neglect it, you might have to replace the plumbing soon. For example, if homeowners aren’t keen on enlisting regular drain cleaning services, they will considerably increase their drains exposure to corrosive elements.

This means that dirty drains undergo corrosion faster than clean ones. Hence, you will have to replace them before the expiry of their service life. By working with drain cleaning services experts, you’ll keep the drains optimally working, adding more service life to your plumbing systems.

Water Damage

Neglecting your drains eventually results in blockages and clogs, causing backflows into your New Orleans, LA home that may cause flooding. Have you seen water pools covering the basement of your floors? A drain blockage might cause this. Sewer backups are a health and hygiene disaster because these waters have bacteria and waste contaminants.

Though flooded basements are unsightly, overflowing drains of toilets and sinks are worse. The cleanup might involve disinfecting the linoleum or cement floors to hiring carpet cleaners if flooding occurs on your carpeted floors. Immediately you find the problem, call professional drain cleaning services to clear the drains and prevent all these problems.

Thorough Plumbing Services you can Depend on

Although incoming water is vital for ensuring comfort at your home, draining wastes away from your home is equally important. Otherwise, your home would be facing severe hygiene and health issues. Fortunately, professional drain cleaning services can ensure clean drains and wastes flow to the septic or municipal sewer lines uninhibited. Do you need to have your drains cleaned? Call us at bluefrog Services Of New Orleans today.

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