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Answers To Some Common Questions About Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

Answers To Some Common Questions About Duct Cleaning Service | Timberlane, LA

If you have never had the ductwork of your home cleaned before, there are probably a lot of questions running through your head about the procedure right now. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of misconceptions floating around about what duct cleaning service in Timberlane, LA entails, which is why you are probably having doubts about it. Because of this, we strive to provide some straightforward answers to the most common questions people have about duct cleaning service. Let’s take a look.

Can I prevent health problems in my family by having my home’s ductwork cleaned?

The straightforward truth of the matter is that at this point nobody really knows if cleaning your home’s ducts will prevent any health problems in your family members. It all depends on how contaminated they already are. There have been cases in which a home’s air ducts are so dirty and have collected such a large amount of contaminants that the ducts only serve as a way to get everybody in the home sick with allergies and respiratory conditions. If this is your specific case, then duct cleaning service is not only recommended, it is definitely needed. However, this situation doesn’t happen to everybody and in most cases, a small accumulation of dust from your home in the ductwork is pretty normal, unless it starts growing mold, in which case, duct cleaning should be a part of your annual HVAC maintenance schedule. In either case, your best bet is to educate yourself as much as possible as to what potential health benefits duct cleaning can provide to your family, what products are used, and what, if any, side effects they could have on yourself, your family, or your pets.

My ducts are made out of a material that isn’t sheet metal, is my ductwork at a higher risk for contamination because of this?

Traditionally, sheet metal ducts have been the most popular material used in a home’s HVAC ductwork, but in recent decades, specifically the 1970s, more and more people have chosen to install flexible ducts, which are normally lined with plastic on the inside. Additionally, as HVAC technology advances and improves, the use of insulating materials has registered a notorious increase given its ability to better control temperature and preserve energy while reducing the amount of condensation formed in the ducts due to outside factors.

If your ductwork is internally insulated, in addition to all the advantages mentioned above, it will also provide increased noise control, and has worked well for very long times without generating the growth of mold, which is why this type of ductwork will remain in good working order if it is kept clean. On the other hand, there is currently a lot of debate on whether some of the more porous insulation, such as fiberglass and other materials, have a higher chance of becoming contaminated with mold and bacteria in comparison to sheet metal. The common-sense answer to this debate is that if enough dust, debris, and humidity are allowed into the ductwork, regardless of what material it has been made of, there will be mold and bacterial growth that could affect your family. The difference resides in the ease with which these biological contaminants can be cleaned off your ducts. Performing duct cleaning service and decontamination of ductwork made out of sheet metal is definitely much simpler and easier than on fiberglass. In a good majority of cases, once your fiberglass ductwork has developed any considerable mold contamination or wet spots, your only option is to replace all of the ducts to prevent it from spreading to the rest of your Timberlane, LA home.

Is the use of biocides recommended after duct cleaning service?

As of this writing, the EPA has not authorized the use of any type of chemical biocide on fiberglass ducts with the purpose of killing or preventing the appearance of mold or bacterial growth. On the other hand, if your ductwork is made out of bare sheet metal, there are several authorized products that can be used for these purposes.

In any case, biocides applied to the inside of your ductwork after duct cleaning service could end up spreading to the rest of your house when your HVAC system is turned on. This could cause certain individuals to react negatively to them by having allergic reactions and other signs of respiratory distress. It is suggested to consult with your duct cleaning service contractor to determine exactly what product if any, will be used and do some research on the potential implications of doing so.

What about sealants?

As with biocides, not enough research has been conducted on the use of sealants to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt in your ductwork, although many duct cleaning service contractors normally include it in their service as a default. If you have any questions about the potential health benefits, the effectiveness of the sealant, and any other specifics about the product to be used, talk to your duct cleaning service company and ask them about the substance they use as a sealant and what benefits its use can represent to your HVAC system and your family. Don’t forget to do your own research to help you gain a better understanding on the use and purpose of sealants.

Do you have any more questions?

If you have never had your home’s ducts cleaned professionally before, it is normal to have many questions about the process and the products used, as well as what effects they could have on your family and pets. It is normal to feel unsure about a procedure you are not knowledgeable about, which is why the experts at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans are always happy to provide the most straightforward and easy-to-understand answers about the services they provide in Timberlane, LA. So, don’t hesitate, before the dirt and grime accumulating in your home’s ducts start affecting your family, give us a call and let us help you as efficiently and professionally as we always do!

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