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Air Conditioning Service: Guide To The AC Tune-Up Process | Harvey, LA

Air Conditioning Service: Guide To The AC Tune-Up Process | Harvey, LA

Getting a thorough tune-up of your appliances is a way to ensure they operate at peak efficiency for longer without sudden issues that might be costly to repair. Air conditioner tune-ups are a maintenance process that entails an air conditioning service provider checking all the components. The thorough inspections and cleaning of the AC system prevent costly repairs by identifying issues on time.

It also involves identifying emerging issues and fixing them on time before they aggravate. An AC unit works throughout the summer season to keep your home cool, protect you from heat waves and heat-related illness, and enhance the comfort in your Harvey, LA, house.

Most people invest in the maintenance process before the hot season kicks in to ensure the aircon will meet their cooling needs. This masterpiece will share details on what an AC tune-up entails.

Check Refrigerant Levels

The air conditioning service experts check if the coolant levels are adequate and in line with the factory set limit. After ascertaining the refrigerant is according to the factory’s recommended amount, the professionals use leak detectors to check for leaks that can be dangerous to the environment.

Leaking coolant leads to an undercharged compressor, causing multiple issues, including overheating the compressor motor, which has numerous adverse effects on the AC performance. The contractor from a nearby reputable HVAC company can also superheat the refrigerant to fine-tune its charge for maximum efficiency.


Lubricating all the moving parts of the air conditioner is an additional tune-up process that prolongs the life of the aircon. The air conditioning expert can check the fan motors to gauge the level of lubrication it requires.

If you have an old version of the old AC units, fan motors and bearings require quality lubricating to ensure they operate efficiently in cooling your rooms. Before starting the oiling process, the air conditioning service professionals understand the need to follow the manufacturer’s oiling instructions to avoid damaging the motor.

Test the Controls

Another vital step in the AC tune-up process is to check all the controls. The HVAC technician also tests them to know if they are operating at their peak. The aircon has several systems that control temperatures, relative humidity, and airflow inside your house. The air conditioning service technician ensures the thermostats, airstats, and humidistats are running smoothly for the peak efficiency of the AC unit.

Inspect Capacitors

In addition, the hired air conditioning professional can also check if the start and run capacitors are working smoothly. The start capacitor powers the AC motor to enable the outdoor unit to start the cooling process.

The run capacitor joins in to keep the motor running, keeping your family comfortable from the immense heat. Therefore, the HVAC contractor ensures the capacitors are in good working condition for the AC equipment to cool your home throughout the summer days.

Flush the Condensate Drains

Additionally, the air conditioning service provider cleans and flushes the condensate drains to provide a clear exit route for the condensation or moisture in the aircon unit. The cleaning process reduces the chances of clogs due to algae, microbes, dirt, and debris, leading to overflowing and flooding in the AC unit.

The overflow and floods in the AC can be dangerous because they give room for mold to grow, compromising the health of your family members in Harvey, LA, especially the asthmatic ones that can suffer asthma attacks.

Inspect Electrical Components

The AC unit is an electrical appliance with numerous electrical parts such as capacitors that store electricity. It is the responsibility of the air conditioning service expert to tighten all the loose electrical wires and connections correctly.

Preventative electrical time-ups are crucial in identifying and diagnosing issues that can be an electrical hazard to you or your family.

Therefore, the capacitors, contactors that control the flow of power, relays, fan motors, and pressure switches should be well connected and work efficiently for the overall peak performance of the cooling equipment.

Clean Air Filters

Moreover, AC tune-ups entail cleaning the air filtration system. The air filters should always be clean to improve the indoor air quality of your rooms. The air conditioning service professional can inspect the filter to know if it should be cleaned and reinstalled back to the system or replaced with a new one.

After the maintenance process, the HVAC contractor may recommend you regularly check the filters at least monthly to prevent the build-up of dirt that can reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and increase utility bills.

Clean the Condenser Coils

Last but not least, the condenser coils should be clean. The air conditioning service technician in charge of the tune-up process ensures the condenser coils are free from dirt, grass, dust particles, sticks, or flowers that can enter the outdoor unit as the wind blows.

Clean condenser coils facilitate the swift and optimal efficiency of the AC equipment, keeping your loved ones comfortable throughout the scorching hot season.

If the HVAC contractor fails to clean the coils, issues such as an overheating AC compressor can suddenly fail to emerge as a compressor requires replacements when damaged.

In Conclusion

In short, the tuning up of the air conditioning units is a step-by-step process that ensures all the components are clean and operating at their peak. The AC tune-ups are essential in keeping the air conditioning system running smoothly throughout the summer days. It significantly lowers the operating costs that might arise when the system is not operating optimally.

The maintenance can also help the HVAC technicians identify issues and recommend immediate repairs or replacements. It also prevents sudden AC breakdowns and costly repairs.

You can opt to subscribe to an air conditioning maintenance plan that guarantees you regular tune-ups of your system for longevity.

Want the Best Tune-Up Services?

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