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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers | Timberlane, LA

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Plumbers | Timberlane, LA

At some point, everyone has to call a professional plumber. Problems with your pipes and plumbing are one of those things that you can’t (and shouldn’t) attempt to tackle yourself. Plumbers come to the rescue when the drains are clogged, the toilet is overflowing, or the hot water keeps running out. They’re like modern knights in shining armor for the homeowner. However, many people don’t know a lot about professionals and how they spend their workdays. We’ve broken down for you the top 9 things you may not know about plumbers. 

1. The Job Is Dangerous

You may not think working with plumbing is a risky profession, but, in reality, there is an element of danger associated with the job. Plumbers work with high water and air pressure systems and, sometimes, gas. And, you call the professionals when these appliances have broken, split, or malfunctioned. It’s a scenario that’s prone to uncertainty and risk.

Additionally, professionals often have to deal with dirty areas that are thriving with bacteria and diseases. Qualified professionals go through safety training to reduce the risk of harming themselves on the job.

2. Nothing Can Beat Experience

While not necessarily the case for all careers, plumbing is one of those job fields where nothing can beat years of experience. Typically, the older the plumber, the better they are at their job. Everyone goes through the same extensive schooling, but there’s nothing like practical experience. As professionals get more years on the job, they get a better understanding of how specific models of appliances work, of telltale signs of a bigger problem, and more.

Do understand that having a young technician show up at your door isn’t a bad thing. When you hire a reputable company such as bluefrog Pluming + Drain in the Timberlane, LA area, the young technicians are trained by the older, more experienced professionals. As a result, years of knowledge is shared between staff, and customers always receive the best service.

3. Food Scraps Are Worse Than Human Waste

A fact that might surprise most people is that most plumbers would prefer to deal with human waste versus food scraps. Don’t get us wrong, human waste is terrible and no one’s first choice. However, decaying animal fat and other types of grease are possibly the worst substances to handle. The material is rotting but also congeals with other items in your pipes to create a stubborn, horrible mess. Most professionals will go for the toilet versus the grease-clogged drain any day. Homeowners can avoid this situation with regular maintenance and drain cleaning services.

4. Call Now to Save Money Later

One of the most costly mistakes plumbers see is when homeowners ignore a problem. If you have a suspicion that something isn’t working correctly, it’s more cost-effective to get ahead of it. Calling in a plumber right away will mean that an issue can be addressed before it spirals into something more substantial. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep up with regular maintenance. People forget about their hot water tanks that require annual flushes or pipes that should receive regular drain cleaning. These maintenance routines can help to catch problems, allowing you to pay for repairs versus replacement on appliances.

5. YouTube Tutorials Often Cost You More Money

It can be expensive owning a home, and owners often look for ways they can save money. DIY projects may be fun and cost-effective but are generally not the best idea for plumbing issues. Plumbing runs through your entire house, can be dangerous to repair, and extremely costly if done incorrectly. Additionally, if you try home repairs on your plumbing issues, and your home insurance finds out after an incident, the insurance may be void for any coverage. Never turn to a YouTube tutorial as a guide to attempt to fix plumbing issues on your own. Save yourself the time, headache, and money, and hire a plumber right away.

6. Garbage Disposals are the Enemy

Coke and Pepsi. Batman and the Joker. Scar and Simba. And then there are plumbers and garbage disposals.

Simply put, professionals don’t love garbage disposal repairs. That’s because most people don’t use garbage disposals the correct way. Many people allow substantial amounts of food waste down the garbage disposal, which, contrary to popular belief, does lead to clogged drains. As a result, most plumbers know that when they’re called in for garbage disposal repairs, they’re in for a dirty, messy situation. You can help out your future plumber by regularly rinsing your garbage disposals with lemon juice (no peels) and ice.

7. A Plumber Looks for Cost Savings

It’s natural to worry about costs when you’re hiring a problem. You can’t diagnose the issue yourself, so you have no idea how much it should cost to repair. However, rest assured that most plumbers aren’t trying to oversell you. When a plumber encourages you to fix a small problem the day they come by, they are doing so because they know it can turn into a much larger (more expensive) headache down the road. Recommendations for regular maintenance, water tank flushes, and drain cleaning services aren’t money grabs. These suggestions will typically cost very little on the spot and can extend the lifetime of your appliances by years.

8. Every Day is Different

Most plumbers love their jobs. They get to tackle new challenges every day and meet new people. They also get to come swooping in and save the day for people. All of these attractive job benefits explain why when a plumber shows up at your door, they’re typically smiling and ready to take on the day.

9. Plumbing Emergencies Happen

You may not associate the word ‘emergency’ with plumbing, but believe us, it happens. People experience pipe bursts, overflowing toilets, and gas leaks at all times of the day or night. And, when these emergencies occur, help is needed immediately. Reliable, full-service plumbing companies such as bluefrog Plumbing + Drain offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services so their clients can get the help they need at any time.

Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in The Timberlane, LA Area

Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is a nation-wide company offering full plumbing services. The location in the Timberlane, LA area, has been providing high-quality plumbing services to the surrounding residents for several years. Customers can book with us for drain cleaning, camera inspections, sewer and water line inspections, leak detection and repair, gas leak detection, water heater repair and installation, and emergency plumbing. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans for a quote on services today.

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