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8 Issues That Call For Professional Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

8 Issues That Call For Professional Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

The main work of the drain is to channel wastewater from the house to the sewer system. When materials like skin flakes, soap, and hair strands accumulate in the drain, they form gunk that can block the drain and prevent water passage. Flushing heavy materials like sanitary papers and excess oil can also block the drain. Once this happens, the wastewater can begin to back into the house, posing a serious health hazard. When water backflow from the drain soaks into the house’s foundation, it can damage its structural integrity. The longer you keep the blocked drain unattended, the higher the risk of water contamination. You can avoid such issues by scheduling for drain cleaning service early enough. Call a professional if you notice the following drain problems in your New Orleans, LA home.

Recurring Clogs

If you have a clog in your kitchen sink, then shortly after it clears, another fixture clogs, there could be a serious problem in your drain system. This can happen if you accidentally flush small objects into the drain. In other cases, tree roots may find their way into a cracked pipe, obstructing water flow. Sometimes ground may shift over the years, moving the drain pipes out of place, which affects water flow. A clog located deep in the plumbing system can cause severe damage when not addressed in time. Seek a professional drain cleaning service to eliminate such a problem once and for all.

Awful Smells

If you notice an awful smell in your house but can’t tell where it’s coming from, there could be a drain problem. When food particles, hair, and dirt that go down the drain begin to rot, they attract bacterial growth. The bacteria break down this waste giving off awful stenches. Another reason for a nasty drain smell is a dry p-trap. The p-trap’s main role is to prevent sewer smell in your drain. When you turn on your faucet, some water settles at the bottom of the p-trap to block the sewer smells from getting to your indoor air. Once the p-trap dries, it releases the smell back to the house. Your p-trap may dry if there is a leak or if you don’t use the sink for long. A clogged vent pipe and rotting food scraps in the kitchen garbage disposal may also cause unsavory odors. Getting a drain cleaning service is the best way to eliminate materials that stink up your drain.

Slow-moving Drain

If your bathtub or sink takes longer than usual, you might need a drain cleaning service. Once dirt particles accumulate in the drain, they prevent water from flowing freely. Multiple slow drains indicate a more serious underlying issue within your plumbing system. Lime scale can quickly accumulate in the drain pipe for a house with hard water, obstructing water flow. Heavy snowfall, bird nests, and leaves during spring may obstruct the vent pipe. This affects the natural air pressure in the drain system resulting in a slow drain. Such problems require professional skills to diagnose and fix efficiently.

Water Backup

The worst nightmare for any New Orleans, LA homeowner is walking into the bathroom to find a pool of awful-smelling water on the floor, tub, or sink. If an obstruction within the drain system restricts water flow, the wastewater begins to flow back into your home. This water can damage your floor, walls, and other valuables. Water accumulation also attracts mold and mildew, which lowers indoor air quality. Book a drain cleaning service to eliminate this hazard that can put your family at risk.

Multiple Clogged Drains

If most of your drains clog simultaneously, there is likely a problem in the main drain line. This can trigger a major backup if not handled with immediate effect. The main drain line may clog due to grease accumulation or broken pipes that allow dirt to enter, causing a blockage. Seek drain cleaning service immediately to fix the issue and prevent it from worsening.

Unusual Sounds from the Drain

Get drain cleaning service if you hear loud gurgling noise from the drain. Usually, this happens if there is a blockage. The debris in the drain lines displaces the water and pushes it through tight spaces resulting in strange noises. You will likely hear these sounds when you flush the toilet or turn the water on the sink.

An Abundance of Bugs and Rodents

If you have never had a problem with bugs and rodents, but for some reason, you start to see them in huge numbers, you could have a serious drain problem. The drains and sewer create dark, moist habitats perfect for rats and other rodents. They can travel through sewer lines and get into the drain in search of food. Rodents easily find cracks and holes, and they can use them to get into your house. The food stuck in your drain system may also attract fruit flies and bugs. Book a drain cleaning service with a professional to clear the blockage and seal any entry points to prevent a pest invasion.

Overflowing Toilet

A clogged drain may cause your toilet to overflow. Once an obstruction in the drain system affects the toilet’s ability to flush properly, toilet water begins to flow back into the house. This is a very unsightly experience, and the wastewater can expose you to harmful microorganisms. Get drain cleaning service as soon as possible to prevent any toxic build-up.

Get Your Drains Professionally Cleaned Today

Seek regular drain cleaning in New Orleans, LA to protect your house from plumbing emergencies. While a drain blockage might not seem serious, this could indicate a larger issue that is not easily detectable. Unless you remove the blockage, the problem will keep reoccurring. This is why you should leave drain cleaning to professionals. They will do a quick and thorough job saving you money in the long run. Are you looking for a reliable drain-cleaning company? Get in touch with bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. We have the right team and advanced equipment to clear off any obstruction in your drain and perform repairs. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

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