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6 Plumbing Issues That Require The Help Of An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

6 Plumbing Issues That Require The Help Of An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

You rely on the plumbing system in your Timberlane, LA home most of the day. If a problem arises with your plumbing system, it isn’t uncommon to worry, especially if the issue affects your everyday life.

Although all plumbing issues are inconvenient, some are less serious than others. Some plumbing issues aren’t too severe, and you can wait a day or two until you find a plumber with an opening in their schedule. Some plumbing issues are more serious and require an immediate call to an emergency plumber.

If your plumbing system is experiencing any of the following issues, it is best to call an emergency plumber right away.

#1 No Water Coming from the Taps

You rely on running water all day; therefore, a lack of water is an emergent issue and requires a call to an emergency plumber. Before making the call, check your records to ensure your water bills have been paid. In addition, ask a neighbor if they have hot water or check the water company’s website to rule out a widespread water outage.

If everything checks out, it is time to call a plumber. A few issues can cause a lack of water, including:

  • An issue with the water main
  • A problem with the main water valve
  • Old, corroded pipes
  • A significant clog in the pipes
  • A major leak in the pipes

A plumber can inspect the plumbing system to figure out why you don’t have running water so they can resolve the problem and your water will be restored.

#2 Clogged Drain

Drain clogs can be frustrating because a clog can prevent the water from flowing freely down the drain. Small clots can cause the water to drain slowly, which can be a hassle when you do something that requires the water to run. As the water can still drain, regardless of how slow, you can wait until a plumber has an opening in their schedule.

A significant clog in the drain will prevent the water from draining at all, and you can’t use the sink or tub in your home until the clog is removed, which is an emergent problem that requires the help of an emergency plumber.

A plumber can use a drain camera to locate the clog and determine the size, helping them choose the best method to remove the clog.

#3 Toilet Clog

The toilet in your Timberlane, LA home can become clogged if too much waste and toilet paper are flushed. Flushing something that shouldn’t have been flushed, such as baby wipes, a washcloth, or a child’s toy, can also cause a clog.

In most cases, plunging the toilet will break up the clog enough to be flushed. If the clog is located far down the drainpipe or is too large or solid, the plunger may not have an effect, and you should call a plumber.

If you only have one bathroom in your home, you won’t be able to use the bathroom until the clog is removed, and you should call an emergency plumber. The plumber can remove the entire clog, so you can start using your bathroom again.

#4 Leaks

A leaking pipe in your home is a serious issue because the leak can cause significant water damage, mold growth, and can waste a substantial amount of water, causing your water bills to increase. If you suspect there is a leak in your home, you should call an emergency plumber right away.

Leaks under the sink are easy to detect because you will see water pooling in the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. Leaks behind the walls often cause water spots on the wall or ceiling, and leaks under the house can cause puddles in the yard, a warm basement floor, or damage to your home’s foundation. In some cases, the only sign will be a higher than average water bill.

A plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leak so it can be fixed immediately before further water damage can occur.

#5 Discolored Water

When you turn on the water in your Timberlane, LA home, it should be clean and clear. If the water has a brown tint, you should call a plumber right away.

If just the hot water is discolored, there could be sediment in the water tank, contaminating the water. If the water heater is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, contaminating the water.

If the hot and cold water is discolored, the issue indicates rusted, corroded pipes contaminating the water.

It is unsafe to use contaminated water; therefore, you should avoid using the water and call an emergency plumber. If you absolutely must use the water, you should boil it first.

#6 No Hot Water

You need hot water to perform everyday tasks, such as showering, cooking, and cleaning; therefore, if you have no hot water, it is an emergent issue that requires a call to an emergency plumber.

A lack of hot water indicates an issue with the water heater, such as a faulty heating element or the unit is nearing the end of its lifespan and can no longer heat the water. A plumber can inspect the water heater to find the cause to resolve the problem.

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