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6 Issues That Require A Call To A Licensed Plumber | Harvey, LA

6 Issues That Require A Call To A Licensed Plumber | Harvey, LA

Plumbing issues aren’t uncommon and often arise at the most inconvenient times. Some people will try to fix the problem themselves so they don’t have to wait for a professional to fix the problem, and some attempt DIY repairs to avoid a plumbing bill.

A DIY repair isn’t recommended because without the necessary plumbing training, you could do further damage, resulting in an expensive repair bill, and the following problems should only be fixed by a licensed plumber.

#1 You Don’t Have Water

A lack of water may require a call to a plumber, but you should check a few things before making the call. First, check your records to ensure your water bill has been paid and your service hasn’t been terminated. Next, ask a neighbor if they have running water to rule out an outage. If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to call a licensed professional. A few issues can prevent water from going to your faucets and showerheads, including;

  • A problem with the water main
  • Poor or aged materials
  • Corroded or clogged pipes

A licensed professional in Harvey, LA can inspect the system to determine the cause so that they can resolve the issue. It’s best to make the call immediately because you need running water to perform many daily household tasks.

#2 Poor Water Pressure

Adequate water pressure is necessary to perform daily household tasks. Poor water pressure will cause simple tasks like washing your hair and doing the dishes to take longer than necessary. Also, your water-based appliances rely on adequate water pressure to function correctly.

If just the hot water pressure is poor, the issue is with the water heater. When large amounts of sediment build up in the tank, it can break down and clog the waterline. A licensed professional can try to flush the sediment, but if they can’t, you’ll need to replace the unit because the sediment will continue clogging the waterline.

If the hot and cold water pressure is poor, the problem lies with the plumbing system. A few issues can reduce the water pressure, including:

  • A problem with the main shutoff valve
  • An issue with the water meter valve
  • The pressure regulator is failing.
  • A significant clog in the pipes
  • Corroded pipes

You’ll need a licensed professional to determine why the water pressure is poor so that the problem can be resolved.

#3 Slow Drains

Does the water drain slowly when you run the water? If so, there’s likely a small clog in the drain, preventing adequate water flow. If you’re considering removing the clog yourself with a liquid drain cleaner, you should understand that the product could damage your pipes. Also, there’s no guarantee that the liquid drain cleaner will remove the entire clog, and it will be a matter of time before the water drains slowly again.

A plumber in Harvey, LA can remove the clog and will ensure the entire clog has been cleared before they leave, ensuring the water continues to flow freely down the drain.

#4 Clogged Drain

A complete drain clog is a problem because you won’t be able to use the sink or tub until the clog is removed because running the water will result in standing water in the sink or tub. There’s no point in using a liquid drain cleaner to remove the clog because it will mix with the standing water and won’t reach the clog, and you’ll need to hire a plumber.

A licensed professional has the necessary tools and skills to clear the entire clog, and you can use the sink or tub again.

#5 Clogged Toilet

Toilets clog when too much toilet paper and waste are flushed. They can also clog if something is flushed that shouldn’t have been, such as paper towels, baby wipes, menstrual products, or a child’s toy.

In many cases, a toilet clog isn’t a big deal because plunging the toilet will often break up the clog enough to be flushed. If the plumber isn’t effective, it’s best to hire a plumber immediately because you won’t be able to use the toilet until the clog is cleared. This can make your life inconvenient, especially if you have one bathroom.

A licensed plumber has the necessary tools to break up the clog enough that it can be flushed. If the clog is located too far down the drainpipe, they can remove the toilet to get direct access to the clog.

#6 Water Heater Issues

Water heater issues can affect the water temperature and quality or cause a flood in your house and should be resolved as quickly as possible. If your unit experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to hire a plumber in Harvey, LA immediately.

  • You have no hot water.
  • The water isn’t hot enough.
  • You run out of hot water frequently.
  • The unit sounds like it’s possessed.
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Discolored hot water
  • Moisture or water pooling around the unit

A DIY repair isn’t recommended because a simple mistake could result in further damage. Also, a DIY repair will void the warranty. A licensed professional can inspect the unit and determine if it can be fixed or if a replacement is the best option.

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