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6 Benefits Of Hiring A Duct Cleaning Service Provider | Timberlane, LA

6 Benefits Of Hiring A Duct Cleaning Service Provider | Timberlane, LA

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The ductwork within your home is hidden and forgotten sometimes. The ducts are vital in the functioning of your residential or commercial HVAC system. They are in use daily, meaning they are prone to wear and tear.

By keeping your doors and windows closed, fresh air does not enter your home. You have the same air circulating repeatedly. The air flows into the ductwork from the furnace or the AC into your living space or through the vents. It can cause a buildup of dirt, dust, and sediments in your ducts, decreasing the air quality. At bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans, we would like to share the importance of professional duct cleaning services.

1. You Get to Live in a Cleaner Environment

We encounter dirt and dust daily. Dust settles on everything and anything stationary or is rarely used. If you turn off your heating or air conditioning system for several hours, dust can accumulate in the ducts and remain in place until you power on the system again.

When you turn the system on, it blows hot or cold air out and the accumulated dust. The dirt circulates within your living space, settling on your flooring, furniture, and beddings. It means you have to clean these surfaces regularly to keep your home hygienic. Professional air duct cleaning services remove the dust from your air ducts, preventing them from blowing into your house. It helps your home remain more hygienic and cleaner because you do not have the protective gear to prevent dust from entering the airways.

2. You Get Better Air Quality

Dirt and dust are messy and annoying but not harmful. The combinations of microorganisms, dust, and allergens are hazardous. Mildew, Mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, and pollen can make their way into the ducts. The microorganisms may circulate into your home, exasperating your allergies.

Some other bacteria that settle on the air ducts are harmful and cause sickness. The molds inside your ducts may produce spores which cause nasal stuffiness, wheezing, eye irritation, cough, and throat irritation.

Hire a company like bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans that offers air duct cleaning services. Cleaning those air ducts is critical in removing harmful microorganisms and particles. Therefore, the air quality at your home will improve, enhancing your health and that of your family.

3. Helping You Breathe Easier

Clean air allows people to breathe easier and better. You do not need to have a pre-existing condition or suffer from allergies to notice this. Breathing dust and other particles through your nose may cause sneezing or an itchy nose. While this is not a severe health risk, when these particles travel down further, they can irritate your lungs, resulting in a cough.

If this seldom happens, you should not be concerned, but if you cough and sneeze several times a day daily, you need to consider hiring a duct cleaning professional. It will increase the comfort of your home because you will not be coughing and sneezing because of the pollutants and dust in the air circulating within your home.

4. Removes the Unpleasant Smells and Odors

At your home, there may be several unusual smells. While some like baking cookies or a new air freshener are pleasant, others like smelly cleaning agents or pets are overly unpleasant. If no fresh air enters your home over time, the smells may combine into a foul stench, reducing your home’s comfort by making it smell unpleasant and stale. Pests may also die within the air ducts.

The unpleasant smells are trapped inside the particles of dust and fester in your ductwork. Even in the absence of these odors, if enough dust has accumulated in your ducts for a long time, it can also throw a musty smell. To ensure that your Timberlane, LA home smells cleaner and fresher, contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans to have your ducts cleaned.

5. Increasing the Lifespan of the Air Filters

The filters inside your AC and heating system trap the dust particles and other air pollutants to offer you clean air. Large amounts of dirt and dust inside the air ducts mean the filters will trap more dirt. Eventually, the filters get blocked, meaning you often have to replace or clean them.

Cleaning the air filters now and then can be tiring and tedious. Therefore, you are advised to hire a duct cleaning company to help with the chore. It will ensure that your filters have a longer lifespan, meaning you need to replace them regularly.

When the cleaning service provider is cleaning your air ducts, they can also replace your filters if you request it. They will also inspect it to see if it is still effective. Do not clean the ducts yourself; leave the work to professionals. They will clean the ducts without damaging them. Companies offering duct cleaning services also use effective cleaning methods and products that do not interfere or corrode the ducts.

6. Improving Efficiency and Airflow

When dirt and dust reach a certain level inside the air ducts, it restricts the airflow from the AC or furnace. It causes inadequate air circulation and, sometimes, prevents the airflow completely. Your HVAC system is also forced to work harder in the effort to produce the required warm or cool air for your home.

It may cause unnecessary damage to your HVAC system leading to expensive repairs and component failure. Hiring an air duct cleaning service ensures all the dust built-up within the system is removed. Therefore, your HVAC system freely expels air, improving the flow of air and system efficiency.

In the long run, duct cleaning service ends up saving you money. Let the professionals clean your air ducts as they are not very large, and you need the right equipment to clean them properly.

​​Duct Cleaning Services in Timberlane, LA

Leverage duct cleaning service to attain the benefits above. Hiring a professional to clean the air ducts is advised because the air ducts are narrow. You may end up damaging them when you attempt cleaning them yourself. To ensure you do not worry about the ducts for some time, hire a reliable duct cleaner to clean the ducts thoroughly.

bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans offers excellent duct cleaning services and other services to the residents of Timberlane, LA. Trust us to clean your ducts professionally and ensure you have a comfortable home with clean air. Call us today or visit our website to learn more regarding our services.

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