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5 Tips For Purchasing Tankless Water Heaters | Marrero, LA

5 Tips For Purchasing Tankless Water Heaters | Marrero, LA

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Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. They offer almost instantaneous hot water and use very little energy. These units can help you save quite a lot of money in the long run. If you need to replace the water heater in your home, then you should really consider switching to one of the many water heaters out there.

There are many different models and brands to choose from. Each one of the water heaters out there will offer a different feature or have a different capability. If you’re ever interested in learning more about the type of tankless water heater that’ll be best for your home, give bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans a call. We service many areas in Los Angeles, including Marrero, LA, and can give you some tips and pointers to consider.

This article will look at 5 tips that you should consider when purchasing and installing tankless water heaters.

#1. Make Sure That You Get the Right Size

Much like with traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters come in many different sizes as well. Finding the right size is really important. It will help reduce the energy usage in your home, as well as offer the highest quality of living possible. You won’t ever feel like you’ve run out of hot water.

Tankless water heaters are sized by the maximum temperature that the heater can provide at a given flow rate. It can be difficult to determine the flow rate and temperature rise that you will need. If you are unsure, you can always speak to one of our license flowers. You can try to find the flow rate that’s most appropriate for your house by listing all of the hot water outlets that are connected to the tankless water heater. You can add up all of these flow rates in gallons per minute.

#2. Look at the Minimum Flow Rate

Another thing that you should consider when purchasing tankless water heaters is the minimum flow rate of the heaters. There is a huge range, and the floor right that’s most appropriate for your home will depend on both size and expected usage of the water heater. In general, the most common flow rates range from half a gallon per minute to about 2 gallons per minute.

Not meeting the minimum flow rate can also be very annoying. Some people may complain that they need to keep the water flowing at a certain rate in order to get hot water. This can be especially problematic if they need the hot water to do something like wash dishes. Check the flow rate at every outlet connected to the tankless water heater to make sure that you are choosing an appropriate system.

#3. Look at Point-of-Use Models

Many homeowners are now concerned that they are wasting water. They’re much more conscious about the impact that they have on the environment. Depending on the type of model that you choose, your tankless water heater may be wasting some water, especially if you’re waiting for the water to become hot.

The two main main causes of water waste are caused by the length of plumbing that the water must pass through in order to get to the faucet and the amount of time that the heater needs to generate hot water. Although there isn’t a solution for the latter, there is a solution for the former.

If you’re using a whole-house tankless system, the hot water will need to travel through all of the plumbing in order to get to the faucet. This may mean that the water may lose some heat. Due to this reason, whole-house tankless water heaters may not offer much more water-saving advantages than conventional storage tank systems. With that said, the best solution is to consider installing smaller point-of-use models near the water outlets.

#4. Have a Professional Install the Heater

Contrary to popular belief, installing water heaters requires the work of a professional. The installation process is actually rather complex. It requires a lot of proper configurations, and the professional can even check the sizing of the unit to make sure that it fits all of the requirements of your home. Different homes will have different plumbing, gas or electric requirements. Not to mention, it will also have different ventilation requirements as well.

When purchasing a tankless water heater, make sure that you get in contact with several plumbing companies. Get a quote from each one in order to make sure that you are getting the best price for the installation. Some plumbing companies may even purchase the tankless water heaters for you. They may have connections that will get you a better discount on the heater, so you’ll end up saving more money by purchasing from the plumbing company than from a local home appliance store.

Call Us to Learn More About Tankless Water Heaters

If you need to switch to a near water heater, you should really consider switching to tankless water heaters instead. They are much more energy efficient and will help you save a lot of money down the road. Finding the right model however is not as easy as most people would imagine. In fact, many people end up purchasing the wrong model, which could lead to many inefficiencies down the road. The wrong size and configuration could also lead to more premature wear and tear.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tankless water heater, give bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans a call. We service many areas in Los Angeles, including Marrero, LA, and can help you find a size and model that is appropriate for your home. Our licensed plumbers are available 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. We’d be more than happy to help you with anything surrounding water heaters. This includes repairs and servicing as well.

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