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5 Things To Consider Before An Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

5 Things To Consider Before An Air Conditioner Installation | New Orleans, LA

Many homeowners keep their New Orleans, LA homes cool with window air conditioners. Although window units can cool down your home, they can be a hassle for many reasons.

  • You have to install the units before the cooling season and remove them at the end.
  • You need an area to store the window units when the cooling season ends.
  • You need to keep the doors closed in every room with a window unit running to ensure the room stays cold.
  • Unless you have a window unit in every room, your entire home won’t be cold.

If these issues have become a problem, you should consider a central air conditioner installation. Central air conditioning will keep your entire home cool without worrying about installing, removing, and storing window units.

If you’re ready to install a central air conditioning system in your home, there are a few things you need to consider.

#1 Cost

When planning an air conditioner installation, you need to set a budget. It’s a good idea to determine how much you can afford to spend before you start shopping for a unit.

You may be tempted to choose the lowest-priced unit; however, this isn’t a good idea. The cheaper the unit is, the less energy efficient it will be, causing your energy bills to increase.

It’s best to choose an energy-efficient, affordable unit because it can save you thousands of dollars throughout its lifespan.

#2 Quality

When planning an air conditioner installation, you don’t have to buy a top-of-the-line unit that costs tens of thousands of dollars, but you want to install a quality air conditioner.

Poor quality units typically require frequent repairs and won’t last as long as a high-quality unit, and poor quality units cost more to run.

If you aren’t sure which units are high-quality and which are poor quality, a professional in air conditioner installation in New Orleans, LA, can help you choose the best unit for your home.

#3 Size

When planning a new air conditioner installation, size is a factor. If you install a unit that is too small for your home, it will be challenging for the unit to keep your home cool. The air conditioner will need to work harder to keep the house cool, causing your energy bills to increase significantly, and the excess strain can reduce the unit’s lifespan. If you choose a unit that’s too large for your home, it will cool it down too quickly and will cycle too often to dehumidify your house effectively. If you aren’t sure of the best size unit for your home, a professional in air conditioner installation can use your home’s square footage of your house to select the best size.

The physical size of the unit is also a concern. If you choose a unit and it’s too large to fit in the spot you’ve decided to have it installed, the tech won’t be able to place it there. An air conditioner professional can measure the area you plan to install the unit to choose the right size.

#4 The EER Rating

The EER rating of an air conditioner is something you should consider before an air conditioner installation because it determines how much it will cost for the unit to cool your home. EER ratings range from 8 to 11.5, and the higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the unit will be.

If you don’t want to see a drastic increase in your energy bills, it’s best to go with a unit with a higher EER rating. If you need help choosing a unit with an EER rating that won’t cause your energy bills to be too high, a professional in AC installations can help you make the best decision.

#5 Air Ducts

If there’s never been a central air conditioning system in your home, you will need to have air ducts installed. The ducts are designed to allow the cool air to travel from the air conditioner to the vents located throughout your home. A professional in air conditioner installation can install new ductwork in your home, and it will increase the cost of the installation.

If the previous owners had a central air conditioning system, but it has since been removed, an air conditioner professional can inspect the existing ductwork for signs of damage or issues with the seal. If this is the case, they can repair and reseal the ducts to prevent the cold air from escaping before reaching the vents.

#5 Additional Equipment

You can add new equipment to the new air conditioner in your home, which can be beneficial. An installation professional can discuss the options, including;

  • An air purifier can ensure the air quality in your home is safe.
  • A dehumidifier can eliminate the humidity in the home that can cause mold and mildew to develop.
  • Smart thermostats work with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and you can control the thermostat with the sound of your voice. When you aren’t home, you can control the unit with the smart device’s app on your cell phone.
  • UV lamps kill mold and bacteria in the unit, preventing hazardous conditions in our home.

You should discuss the available options with a professional in AC installations to ensure you get the most out of your new air conditioner.

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