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5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

5 Signs You Need Water Heater Repair | Harvey, LA

There are a lot of things it is easy to take for granted; one of those things is hot water. While you might not think a lot about how you get hot water in your home, you will certainly notice when it stops happening. For most people, a lack of hot water or a water pressure that only affects hot water points to a problem with your water heater. If you are experiencing a water heater issue, then you need to call a plumber for water heater repair in Harvey, LA ASAP.

This is not something that you can wait around to address, because you cannot live without hot water. Many people don’t realize how heavily their home depends on hot water, and it is a lot more than just a luxury. In addition to missing your morning shower, if you don’t have hot water you will not be able to wash your dishes, wash your hands, wash your clothes, run the dishwasher, or pretty much anything else. The truth is everything in your home depends on hot water to stay clean and sanitary, so it’s time to call for repair service if you suspect there is a problem.

However, sometimes there are signs that you need water heater repair that are not as obvious as others. If you have no hot water, you know you need to call a Harvey, LA plumber, but if you are just noticing something like a rusty taste or that sometimes your hot water seems to run out quicker than others, you might not be as sure. (By the way, both are reasons to call a plumber right away).

To make that decision a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of five times when you need to call for water heater repair. While this list is certainly not a complete list, it does hit the five biggest signs that indicate your water heater needs a little TLC from your local plumber.

Like most home repair tasks, staying on top of things is the best way to prevent bigger problems from occurring. When you act quickly you are more likely to just need water heater repair versus a water heater replacement, which just about every homeowner can agree is a great reward. With that in mind, scan this list quickly to make sure that your water heater is not telling you that it’s time to take action.

Rusty Colored Water

Rusty water is never a good sign, but instead is an indication that rust is getting into your pipes at some point in your water’s journey. It is possible that a rusty pipe is influencing the color of your water, but it is also possible that the problem stems from your water heater. An easy way to test if you need water heater repair is to compare both your hot and cold water.

If the issue is stemming from your plumbing system, then you should notice discoloration or a rust color in both the hot and cold water. If you only see it in the hot water, then this is a sign that your water heater is to blame. It can be harmful to your health to consume rusty water, so you don’t want to delay calling a plumber if you notice this.

No Hot Water

It should go without saying that if you have no hot water in your home you need to call the plumber, but just in case you didn’t catch that, no hot water is a problem. In fact, it is an emergency problem that needs to be addressed quickly. The one thing you can do is check the pilot light to see if it has gone out. If there is no gas in your home and you have a gas water heater, then this could explain the situation. However, if this is not the issue then you are going to need to call for water heater repair.

Hot Water Runs Out Quickly

Another big indication that something is wrong with your water heater is if you notice that the hot water in your home is running out quickly. Most people know about how much hot water they have before the tank runs dry, but if it seems like that number is getting smaller and smaller, you need to act now. This is a sign that your water heater is no longer evenly heating your water or is not able to keep up with the demand of your home. There are a few things you can do, but only if you call a plumber and initiate hot water heater repair.

Water Heater Is Making Noises

Your water heater should never make noises, which is why you need to take quick action if you start hearing noises that are suspect. Knocking, banging, hissing, and whistling are all noises that should put you on high alert. Whistling and hissing in particular, can indicate a dangerous amount of pressure buildup that could lead to a burst tank if you don’t take prompt action. In this scenario, it is usually better to call a plumber for water heater repair and then turn off your tank until they arrive to prevent an explosion and massive flood damage.

Inconsistent Water Temperatures

Finally, if you notice that your hot water is inconsistent, this can be a sign that the heating element is no longer able to evenly heat your water. This can be from a buildup of sediment or simply old age. Either way, you won’t know until you have someone come out to inspect your unit. If you suspect you might need water heater repair in Harvey, LA, contact bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans today.

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