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5 Signs That Water Heater Repair Plumbing Service Is Needed | Timberlane, LA

5 Signs That Water Heater Repair Plumbing Service Is Needed | Timberlane, LA

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Let’s face it. Most of us love hot water, whether it’s for a nice shower at the start of the day or a long bath at the end of a stressful day to unwind. We rely heavily on our water heater without even knowing it. The only times that we even start to think of our water heater is when something’s not right. But, how do you know whether the problem is with your water heating system or with something else? Here are the top 5 signs that your plumbing system requires plumbing services.

#1. Abnormal Temporal Fluctuations

If you’re someone who appreciates your hot showers, then this will be hard to miss. Have you noticed that your water sometimes comes as scalding hot and sometimes lukewarm? A good indication that there’s something wrong with your water heater is that the water temperatures fluctuate quite a lot.

There are many potential causes for this, and the type of water heater repair that you’ll need will vary depending on the age of the water heater and more. With that said, one of the most common reasons that water heater repair is needed is that too many mineral deposits have accumulated inside the heater overtime. These situations are not always fixable even with the help of a professional service, and you may need to buy a new water heating system depending on the extent of the damage.

#2. Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

This is another sign that hot shower lovers will usually notice rather quickly. If you were once able to take hot showers that were at least 15 minutes long, but now can barely get 5 minutes of hot water, there’s a good chance that one or two elements of your hot water heating system isn’t working. Call a service to get the hot water tank and heater checked as soon as possible to prevent the problem from worsening. A good plumbing service should be able to diagnose the problem fairly quickly.

With the right plumbing service, you’ll be able to enjoy hot showers and baths in no time. With that said, it’s a good idea to keep track of how long the hot water lasts on a regular basis. This way, you’ll be alerted immediately once anything changes. When calculating how long the hot water lasts, it’s also important to consider whether there are any plumbing appliances on, whether anyone else may have used the shower before you and the season or outdoor temperature.

#3. Your Water Isn’t Clear

Water should always be colorless and clear. If the water coming out of your taps or showerheads are any other color, there’s a good chance that your water heater needs to be repaired. It may also be an indication that there’s something wrong with your entire plumbing system as a whole. With that said, our plumbers can provide both water heater repair and plumbing services in Timberlane, LA, so we’ll be able to quickly diagnose where the source of the problem is coming from.

Brown, rusty water usually means that there is sedimentation in your water heater. A common water heater repair service is cleaning out the water heaters and making sure that there’s nothing rusting inside. If it’s just a part, it may be replaceable.

#4. Your Water Heater Is Making Weird Noises

As your water heater starts to age, it’ll start to make some weird sounds as well. Some people claim that they first start to hear a mild buzz that’s tolerable. However, that mild buzz will slowly transform into a large rumbling sound that basically sounds like the water heating system is about to burst.

Regardless of what type of sound that your water heating system is making, call us for water heater repair services. Although it’s perfectly normal for a water heating system to make some noise, loud popping, cracking or banging sounds are definitely a cause for concern and an indication that you have a faulty part. The sooner that you catch the problem and repair it, the better. If you wait, the problem could mature into something much more difficult to manage and handle.

One of the most common reasons for the sound is a broken dip tube. This causes the cold and hot water to mix, and the mixture will create some unpleasant sounds. If you don’t call a plumbing service soon, the break may worsen and spread.

#5. There’s a Leak

If you know where your water heating system is and have constantly gone to take a look at it, you might be one of the first to notice a leak. It can be difficult to differentiate between a leak and condensation in some cases. If there’s a leak, you need to call for water heater repair plumbing services immediately. Do not wait as is it not get better! This is not something that will fix itself or something that will take a long time to become a huge problem. A leaky water heating system is dangerous, especially if you have kids or pets around. The water will usually pool around the bottom of the tank, and may even start to corrode it or cause other problems. You should be particularly concerned if you have any electrical appliances around the area.

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