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5 Plumbing Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

5 Plumbing Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

Plumbing problems can arise anytime and can make daily household tasks challenging, and some issues can make everyday tasks impossible. When your plumbing system stops functioning correctly, your top priority is having the problem repaired as quickly as possible; however, some issues are more serious than others. Every plumbing problem may seem like an emergency, but many issues can wait until your plumber has an available appointment, and some should be repaired immediately.

If the plumbing system in your Timberlane, LA, experiences any of the following issues, you should call an emergency plumber.

#1 No Water

You rely on running water most of the day. If there is no water coming from the fixtures in your home, you may need to call an emergency plumber. Before making the call, check your bank records to ensure your water bills have been paid and your service hasn’t been disconnected. Next, check with a neighbor or water company to ensure there isn’t a widespread outage. If everything checks out, it’s time to call a plumber.

A few issues can cause a lack of water, including:

  • A problem with the water main
  • There is a problem with the emergency shut-off valve, causing it to trigger for no reason.
  • A significant clog in the pipes
  • A significant leak somewhere in the plumbing system.
  • Aged or corroded pipes

A plumber can inspect your plumbing system to determine why you have no running water to resolve the problem and restore water flow from every fixture in your home.

#2 Leaks

Plumbing leaks occur when the old pipes in your home become corroded or rusty and begin to fail. In addition, temperature fluctuations can cause the pipes to leak. When it’s cold outside, the pipes will be cold, and when you run hot water, the drastic temperature change can weaken the pipes, causing a leak. Finally, a leak will occur if a fixture connecting the pipe becomes loose or fails.

Regardless of the severity, a leak in your plumbing system requires a call to an emergency plumber. If the leak persists, water damage and mold growth can occur. Also, the leak will waste water, causing your water bill to increase considerably.

If the leaking pipe is hidden, a plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leak so that the pipe can be repaired or replaced, resolving the problem.

#3 A Completely Clogged Drain

Drain clogs occur when grease, food, soap scum, hair, and other debris clog the drain. Small clogs cause the water to drain slowly, and if the water drains, you can wait until your plumber has an available appointment. However, if there is a significant clog in a drain in your Timberlane, LA home, it can block the pipe completely, and you can’t use the sink or tub until the clog is removed, and you should call an emergency plumber.

Liquid drain cleaners won’t work on a completely clogged drain because the product won’t go down the drain and will remain in the sink or tub.

An emergency plumber will use professional equipment to remove the clog safely. They can also use a drain camera to find the clog’s location and again when they are done to ensure the entire clog has been removed.

Calling a plumber immediately will allow you to start using the sink or tub again quickly.

#4 Water Heater Issues

Although the water heater in your home is technically an appliance, it’s also an essential part of your plumbing system. The water will fill the unit, where it is heated and stored, so you always have hot water when you need it.

Water heater issues can affect your ability to use hot water. Some problems can cause the water heater to leak, causing water damage; therefore, you should call an emergency plumber if your water heater experiences any of the following issues.

  • No hot water
  • The water isn’t getting hot enough.
  • You run out of hot water often.
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Rust-colored hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • Leaks or moisture around the unit

An emergency plumber can inspect the unit to find the cause of the problem to make the necessary repair. If the issue cannot be fixed, the plumber can replace the water heater.

#5 Rust-Colored Water

The water coming from the faucets in your Timberlane, LA home should be clean and clear. If the water is rust-colored, it isn’t safe to use, and you should call an emergency plumber immediately.

If only the hot water is discolored, the water heater is the problem. When sediment forms in the water tank, it can break apart and contaminate the water. If the unit is over ten years old, the inside of the tank could be breaking down, and small pieces of metal, rust, and sediment will contaminate the water.

If the hot and cold water is rust-colored, a pipe in the plumbing system is likely rusty and corroded and contaminates your water.

An emergency plumber can find the cause of the problem to make the necessary repairs, and your water will be clean and safe for your family to use.

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