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5 Plumber Tips for Your Home’s Green Plumbing | New Orleans, LA

5 Plumber Tips for Your Home’s Green Plumbing | New Orleans, LA

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For safe and healthy living, a green home plumbing system is necessary. Implementing eco-friendly plumbing elements, such as low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads, is the best way to improve your home. Offering modern services that keep plumbing systems in their best possible condition, a plumber from a reliable plumbing service can assist with any green home plumbing initiatives. Ensuring safe and clean water, as well as an efficient overall plumbing system, careful maintenance should be sought for all New Orleans’ homes.

Further considering the environmental impact of a home’s plumbing system, green plumbing strategies work to address a more Earth-conscious approach to living. Incorporating environmental impact into your day-to-day life, a green home is not complete without green plumbing elements. Working to create a green home there are a variety of improvements that can be made to a home to achieve an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1.  Low-Flow Toilets

Used daily, toilets must be maintained nearly continuously preferably by a professional plumber. Once a home’s drains are clear, reducing toilet flow is the next step to minimizing water usage. Low-flow toilets are a popular green home initiative. Low-flow toilets instantly reduce the amount of water that is needed to flush and allows each flush to be customized.

One popular toilet model is a dual-button toilet. An eco-friendly model, this type of toilet uses a dual-flush. The unique flush uses different amounts of water, as desired. One flush is for liquid waste, using less water, and the other flush is for solid waste, using an increased amount of water. Saving water and adjusting to a user’s needs, dual-button toilets assist homeowners in using much less water than then they would with regular toilets.

Whether using the assistance of a plumber or not, it’s easy to take control of your home’s water consumption with low-flow toilets. One of the most used fixtures in a bathroom, toilets account for a significant amount of water usage and water waste in a home. Choose a green plumbing approach to your home’s bathrooms with low-flow toilets and customizable flush settings.

2.  Check for Leaks

Checking your home’s overall pipe system, either with the assistance of a plumber or without, is yet another key task when trying to improve your home’s eco-friendly water usage. Correcting any leaks will instantly reduce a home’s water consumption and water bill. Pipe leaks are common and one of the most wasteful issues that plague a home’s water system. Often overlooked, a pipe leak that isn’t detected can use gallons of water per day, as well as possibly going undetected for years.

A simple way to determine if anything is leaking in your New Orleans, LA home is to check your water meter before and after a significant period of not consuming any water. If your meter remains unchanged while not using water, you most likely do not have any leaks. For a more in-depth pipe check, hire a plumber to meticulously go over your home’s water system. Keeping your water system leak-free is key to a healthy lifestyle and home.

3.  High-Efficiency Faucets

Located in both the bathroom and kitchen, faucets are yet another aspect of a home that often wastes water. Used daily, for everything from washing hands to brushing teeth, a faucet contributes significantly to overall water consumption. Install high-efficiency faucets, which combine water and air through an aerator, to maintain stable water pressure and reduced water flow. The benefits of high-efficiency faucets are proven, and you will notice a difference, particularly in your water bill.

Inefficient faucets are estimated to use more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute when turned on. If your home is older, high-efficiency faucets will instantly reduce water flow to a rate of less than 1.5 gallons per minute. Conserve New Orleans, LA’s critical water supply, as well as reducing your utility bill, by implementing high-efficiency faucets in your eco-friendly home.

4.  High-Efficiency Showerheads

Work to make each shower as enjoyable as possible by hiring a plumber to look over your showerheads. A plumber can recommend the best possible showerheads for your daily lifestyle and your eco-friendly goals. Make the effort to reduce unnecessary activities while showering and choose to attempt mindful water usage. Mindful water usage can directly improve the water supply, as well as your home’s water consumption. Minimize shower time and switch to high-efficiency showerheads for the best approach to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

A home’s showerheads are one of the main water waste vehicles. With numerous low-flow options available, showerheads can be changed to dramatically reduce water usage by around 40%. A plumber can assist with picking out and installing low-flow showerheads, if necessary. No matter the low-flow showerhead installed, you will save gallons of water over time and will reduce your overall energy consumption needed to heat the water.

5.  Minimize Shower Time

Most people enjoy showering daily, but some shower even more often. A significant amount of water is wasted when showering. During a shower, a showerhead is continuously running and pushing out water. Some people even choose to leave a showerhead running while performing other tasks, such as brushing teeth, shaving, and much more. Even with low-flow showerheads, leaving the shower running while completing other tasks is wasteful for both the environment and general water usage.

Making small changes to your home can make a big impact on your home’s plumbing efficiency and effectiveness, as well as your water consumption and water bill. Work to create an eco-friendly home and lifestyle by implementing high-efficiency faucets, showerheads and low-flow toilets. Hire a plumber to check over your overall water system for leaks and any other issues related to water loss. Take the initiative and minimize shower time, while practicing low water grooming to achieve the best possible eco-friendly home environment. For knowledgeable assistance with your home’s plumbing or water system, choose bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans for all your plumbing needs.

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