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5 Common Signs You Need Water Heater Repair | New Orleans, LA

5 Common Signs You Need Water Heater Repair | New Orleans, LA

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Most people don’t give much thought to their water heater. Even if you know your water heater is getting along in age you may not think about whether or not it will eventually need water heater repair. Until the day you wake up and are hit with the cold, icy reality of a cold shower. At that point, water heater repair in New Orleans, LA will be the first thing on your mind.

Your hot water heater is one of the most heavily utilized appliances in your home. It works every minute of every day creating and then storing hot water so that you can access it in just a few seconds. Since your hot water heater never turns off, it is under stress at all times. It should come as little surprise that it will eventually require repair, even though it may still feel like a shock when you are hit with the news.

Instead of waiting for the morning when your entire house has to deal with a cold shower, you may do better by watching your hot water heater for signs that it is going to need repair. You also may consider calling a plumber for proactive water heater maintenance. Keeping an eye on your hot water heater will not only ensure you keep your water hot, but it will eventually lengthen its lifespan which is a great trade-off. Here are just a few signs that it may be time to call someone for water heater repair in Louisiana, LA.

Uneven Water Heating/Cooling

If you have started to notice irregular water temperatures and you know it’s not from someone flushing while you are in the shower, then it is time to consider water heater repair. Commonly people report that their hot water is only lukewarm at times or sometimes even cold, but other times it heats up just fine. When the water temperature starts to fluctuate this is a sign that something may be wrong with your hot water heater.

Before carrying a water heater repair specialist, you may want to think about how old your heater actually is. There are a lot of reasons why your water heater may start to heat unevenly, but before you start to pay repair costs you may want to consider if it is time for a new one. On average water heaters last between 10-12 years. Thus, if your water heater is at the end of its lifespan it makes more sense to just replace it. On the other hand, it is worth it to have a repairman look at a younger model. Sometimes the water elements are simply faulty, and a quick replacement can save you the costs of a new water heater.

Hot Water Keeps Running Out

Ideally, your hot water should keep hot water ready for you to use a continual basis. It has two heating elements placed at the top and bottom of the tank so that gallons and gallons of water can stay hot and ready for you to use. If you start to notice that you are running out of hot water quicker than you used to, this is probably a sign that something is wrong with your heating elements. A professional should be able to repair the heating element and you should notice your hot water supply goes right back to normal.

Water Starts Appearing Colored

The water that comes out of your tap should always be colorless, if you notice a brownish or rusty color then you immediately know that you have a problem. There are several things that can cause rusty water, and one is your water heater. Before calling for water heater repair, you may want to ask a couple of your neighbors how their water looks. This is simply to rule out that the city is not flushing your hydrants or doing some type of repair work that could affect your water. If your neighbors report that their water is clear, then there is a good chance your water heater is causing the discoloration.

Due to sedimentation, over time water will change color and start to look brown. If too much sediment builds up in the bottom of your water heater, it can change the color of the water inside. A water heater expert can come out to your home and clean the tank. This should immediately fix the problem and improve the health of your water.

Water Tank Is Making Noises

It is normal for your hot water tank to make a small humming noise as it operates, but if you happen to walk by and hear popping, banging, or cracking sounds then it is time to get some help with water heater repair. Sometimes mineral deposits build-up to create a hissing noise on the heating elements, but sometimes a broken dip tube can result in hot and water mixing creating that sizzling noise.

The noises are not just annoying, they are also concerning. Water pressure is what is causing the noise, so when left unaddressed uncontrolled water pressure can cause a leak in your hot water tank. If you start hearing noises, it is always best to be smart and call for water heater repair before you end up with a flood in your basement and water damage.

Corrosion on the Water Heater

Outside of listening for signs that your water heater needs to be repaired, you can also look for signs. Corrosion on the outside of your water heater is a good indication that there is probably corrosion inside as well. Sometimes you can replace the rusty parts, but if the rust starts showing up everywhere it may be time to consider buying a new water heater.

If you notice these or any other signs that your water heater is not performing to its full capacity, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of New Orleans. We are a full-service plumbing company in New Orleans, LA that offers hot water heater repair and a full suite of other services to ensure your plumbing always runs smoothly.

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