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5 Clauses To Look For In A Plumbing Service Contract | Timberlane, LA

5 Clauses To Look For In A Plumbing Service Contract | Timberlane, LA

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Before getting any plumbing job started for your home or building in Timberlane, LA, you must take a careful look at the contract presented to you by the plumbing company. This contract will include all of the information on how the job will be handled, as well as your responsibilities and liabilities. For example, it will include the timeline of how long the project will take and how much the entire job will cost.

Most people get hung up on looking at the cost of the project and how long it will take to complete. They often neglect to look at other clauses that may be included. These clauses, however, should never be ignored. Don’t just skim through them. You’ll want to read them over carefully, as they’ll provide you with a lot more information about the job. This article will look at 5 particularly important clauses that you should definitely go over in detail.

#1. Insurance Clause

One of the main causes that you should always look for is an insurance clause that details what type of liability coverage both the project owner and the contractor must provide. For example, if a contractor is injured at work due to the project, it’s important that there is a clause specifying which party’s insurance will be responsible for the injury.

This is also a good time to discuss what type of insurance that both parties should have. Homeowners should take this opportunity to look over the type of coverage that the plumbing company has, as well as the amount of coverage. Make sure that the coverage will sufficiently cover damages associated with the plumbing service. If you ever feel that there isn’t enough coverage, you can always talk to the plumbing company.

This is also a good time to see whether you have enough coverage yourself. You may want to talk to an insurance agent if you have any concerns or questions.

#2. Information on Subcontractor Work

While a simple plumbing service, like a drain cleaning service, can usually be completed by one or two contractors within a day, some services are a lot more complicated and will require a lot more help. Many plumbing companies will choose to hire subcontractors to speed the project along.

There should be a clause in the plumbing service contract that specifies the type of work that the subcontractors will do, as well as their names, proof of licensing and proof of insurance. This clause will give you more information on everyone who will be involved in completing the plumbing service. It should also detail the cost of each subcontractor, so you know exactly where your money is going.

#3. Protection for Debts or Charges

Another important clause is one that protects homeowners and project owners from any and all liabilities that are involved with charges or debts that are incurred by the plumbing company. For example, this can include anything from unpaid materials invoices to unpaid subcontractors. You want to make sure that the cost that you see on the invoice is the final price that you’ll have to pay.

Once the project ends, you don’t want to be held responsible for any additional charges associated with the plumbing service. If the plumbing company decides that they’re not going to pay the subcontractors, you don’t want to find yourself involved in the legal battle that comes with that.

#4. Charge Order Clause

Things happen and people change their minds. It’s not unusual for homeowners and project owners to decide that they want something else once the project is in motion. It’s important that the plumbing service contract has a change order clause.

This clause will specify how changes are going to be made and what will happen to contract additions and deletions once work begins. The charge orders will usually need to be discussed and agreed to by both the certified master plumber and the homeowner. Usually, when there’s a change order, a new contract will be written.

#5. Disputes and Mediations

Last but not least, make sure that there’s a clause that will specify how disputes and mediations will be handled. Although we always hope that all plumbing services will be completed without a hitch, there is always a chance that something is going to go wrong. bluefrog Plumbing and Drain of New Orleans offers exceptional customer service, and will work hard towards making sure that all clients are happy with the plumbing service before leaving.

However, you should always make sure that there’s a clause in the contract that specifies how disputes should be handled if one was to arise. Usually, this clause will also include the name of a third-party mediator that was agreed upon by both parties.

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bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans is one of the most reputable plumbing companies in the area. They service a wide range of cities, including Timberlane, LA, and are able to offer plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re a great company to call if you’re ever faced with any type of plumbing emergency, as they’ll get a contractor out to you right away!

The contractors here have many years of experience in handling various plumbing problems and will be able to work on many different types of plumbing jobs, from drain cleaning services to sewer and water line repairs. They’ll present you with a contract before starting on any work, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. They’ll even walk you through the contract, so that there are no misunderstandings.

If you’re looking for a plumber you can’t go wrong with bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of New Orleans. Give them a call at 504-457-7135 to set up an appointment or to discuss the plumbing issues that you’re facing. They’ll help you figure out how to solve the issue with less mess and less stress.

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