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4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning ASAP | New Orleans, LA

4 Reasons Why You Need Professional Drain Cleaning ASAP | New Orleans, LA

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Attempting DIY drain cleaning strategies with volatile chemicals, store-bought plungers or other DIY methods could result in an expensive, messy disaster. Just ask Ron B., a New Orleans, LA resident whose aggravation at the slow draining of water in his kitchen and bathroom left him with more than a big bite out of his budget.

Initially, Ron used a standard plunger to unclog both drains. After plunging for 15 minutes, he got nothing out of his kitchen sink drain and only a small ball of hair out of the bathtub drain.

Next, Ron tried dumping generic drain cleaning fluid down his kitchen and bathtub drains. He followed instructions and let the drain cleaner sit in the drains for an hour before pouring warm water down the drains. To Ron’s surprise and irritation, water drained slower than before he used drain cleaner!

Tired of messing around with two clogged drains, Ron decided to make his own “snake” tool. He got two wire coat hangers, untwisted them and then twisted the ends together to make one long “snake”. Anxious to put the clogged drain problems behind him, Ron stuck the end of his homemade snake into the bathtub drain and started pushing…

Plumbers know what likely happened next but for non-plumbers, the details aren’t pretty. To make a long story short, Ron got the hanger “snake” stuck deep in the drain pipe. Attempting to pull it out damaged the pipe enough that it had to be replaced. In addition, the drain cleaner still sitting on top of the clog splashed up through the drain and onto his face. He later had to visit his doctor for treatment of severe contact dermatitis.

Needless to say, Ron never attempted drain cleaning again. He called bluefrog Plumbing + Drain instead. Smart guy!

Don’t Be a Ron: Call the Drain Cleaning Professionals at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain

Slow drains are just one sign you probably need a licensed plumber to thoroughly inspect and clean drains. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if water is draining more slowly than normal, especially if the slowness is barely noticeable. When slightly slow drains are accompanied by one or more of the following, call our plumbers for immediate service:

  1. Household Pests: If you see an uptick in the amount of bugs and rodents in and around your home or business, you might have a cracked sewer line. Roaches, mice, rats and other critters can squeeze through extremely small cracks, run around in your pipes for a while and die in your pipes. Unfortunately, our drain cleaning plumbers have found the source of more than a few clogs to be an accumulation of dead pests.
  2. Something Stinks: When a whole can of Febreze doesn’t eliminate a sewage smell around your home, you could have a cracked sewer line or a clog composed of decomposing material. You should never smell the odor of sewage in or around your home or business. If you do, call our plumbers for quick, courteous service.
  3. Water Magically Appears in Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink When You Flush the Toilet: Somewhere, deep in your plumbing system–you’ve got a bad clog! No amount of plunging or stabbing pipes with makeshift “snakes” will get rid of this clog. But we’ve got the equipment needed to get rid of bad clogs quickly and easily.
  4. Your Toilet Is Trying to Say Something: If the toilet gurgles, sputters and sounds like a hissing snake when you flush it, the vent-related airflow could be insufficient due to blockage. Even though your toilet seems to flush normally, these odd noises may indicate impending trouble.

When Local Customers Need Drain Cleaning, bluefrog Plumbers Bring Their Cameras

We don’t mean their cell phone cameras, either. We mean specialized cameras designed to reach deep into pipes for purposes of finding and identifying clogs. With the invention of pipeline cameras, drain cleaning technology evolved to a whole new level. Once the camera system is set up, one of our plumbers simply feeds a thick wire equipped with a digital camera into affected pipe systems. As the wire and camera travels through the pipe, plumbers can view in real-time what is living (or not) in your pipes. Camera inspections before cleaning services is the easiest, safest way to determine the extent of your clog issues. One big advantage of camera inspections for business owners is that they will have a permanent video file on record as evidence for possible insurance purposes in the future. Commercial insurance agencies are known to be stingy when it comes to reimbursing a business owner for property damage caused by plumbing issues. Having video proof of a pipe camera inspection shows skeptical insurance agents you have been proactive in maintaining plumbing systems and reducing the risk of plumbing problems.

Camera inspections for clogged pipes also avoids what every home or business owner dreads when they have plumbing problems–digging up large chunks of their property. Also, as you might expect, drain cleaning using camera inspections is faster and more affordable than digging several feet into the ground to find clogged pipes. And, you don’t have to worry about replanting your lawn.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for Drain Cleaning in LA and New Orleans

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain provides comprehensive plumbing services anytime you need them. That’s right–we offer 24/7 emergency and scheduled plumbing repair and restoration services every day of the year. So even if your dinner with your family is interrupted by an overflowing toilet, don’t despair! Give us a call and we’ll fix your toilet while you continue enjoying your dinner. Put our phone number in your contacts list for easy access: 504-457-7204.

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