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4 Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

4 Problems That Require A Call To An Emergency Plumber | Timberlane, LA

Plumbing problems make life in your home inconvenient, and it’s easy to believe that all issues are emergencies. Although all problems are frustrating, not every problem is an emergency and can wait until you can find a plumber with an available appointment. Some problems are emergencies, and it’s essential to know if your issue must be addressed immediately.

If your plumbing system experiences any of the following problems, it’s essential to call an emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA, immediately.

#1 Leaks

A leak in the plumbing system can cause considerable water damage and mold growth and can cause an increase in your water bills, which requires a call to an emergency plumber.

As the pipes age, they can rust and corrode, causing a leak. Leaks also occur when the joints become loose or disconnected or the sealing fails.

Some leaks are easy to detect, like a leak under the sink, because you’ll see standing water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity. A leaking pipe behind the wall will leave water spots and is also easy to notice. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell if a line under the house leaks, so you should know what to look for. The most common signs include puddles in the yard, even though it hasn’t rained, a warm basement floor, and if the pipe has been leaking for a while, it will cause damage to your home’s foundation. Sometimes, the only sign will be a high water bill or reduced water pressure.

An emergency plumber can use leak detection equipment to find the leaking pipe and make the necessary repair before further damage occurs.

#2 Clogged Drain

As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, food, grease, hair, and soap scum will find a way down and can cause a clog. Minor clogs cause the water to drain slowly and isn’t an emergency. As long as the water drains, you can wait until you have time for a service call.

If there’s a large clog in the drain preventing the water from draining, you should hire an emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA.

A completely clogged drain will result in standing water in the sink or tub because the clog won’t let anything pass. You won’t be able to use the sink or tub until the clog is removed, and the standing water can be harmful to your family’s health. When water stands for a while, bacteria and other harmful organisms will form, putting your family’s health at risk. Fortunately, a plumber can remove the entire clog safely, allowing you to start using the fixture.

#3 Water Heater Problems

Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances because it provides hot water when you need it. The unit also produces hot water that other appliances in your home need to function at peak performance. Water heater issues can affect the water temperature, your ability to use the water, or cause a flood in your home.

If your water heater experiences any of the following problems, it’s best to hire an emergency plumber immediately.

  • You have no hot water.
  • The water doesn’t get hotter than lukewarm.
  • You frequently run out of hot water.
  • The hot water is brown or rust-colored.
  • The unit sounds like it’s possessed.
  • Water pooling or flooding around the water heater.

An emergency plumber in Timberlane, LA, can inspect the unit to find the cause of the problem to determine if it can be repaired or if you’ll need to replace the water heater. It’s essential to make the call right away to prevent further damage.

#4 Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogs aren’t a significant cause for concern because a plunger will usually break up the clog enough that the toilet can be flushed without overflowing. The plunger will be ineffective if the clog is too large, too solid, or too far down the drainpipe, and you’ll need to hire an emergency plumber.

Toilet clogs should be addressed immediately because you can’t use the toilet until the clog is removed. This can be inconvenient, and if you only have one bathroom, it’s a serious problem that should be addressed immediately. A plumber will use a drain auger to break up the clog enough that it can be flushed. They can remove the toilet to reach the clog if it’s too far down the drain pipe for the auger to be effective. The sooner you make the call, the sooner you can start using the toilet again.

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