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10 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

10 Signs You Need A Drain Cleaning Service | New Orleans, LA

Drains, like any other plumbing component of your home, can require a professional’s attention to keep them clean, free of debris, and safe to use. Drains can clog because of a variety of food debris, hair, and dried cleaning products. Sometimes, all you will see is slow drainage and home cleaning products may speed up water flow. So how do you know if it’s part of a larger issue? bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans can help you clear your drains and conduct a professional drain cleaning inspection.

Listed below are ten signs that you need a professional drain cleaning service in New Orleans, LA:

Slow Drains

Slower drainage is one of the most obvious signs that you’ll see when your drains are clogged. Is your bathtub or sink draining more slowly than normal? Sometimes, this can occur so slowly over time that you don’t notice how bad it is until there’s a severe build-up. Have you noticed your dishwasher or washing machine still has water left inside after a cycle has finished? This is not only an inconvenience but also a sign that there is something wrong with your New Orleans, LA home’s plumbing. A regularly scheduled drain cleaning can clear away debris in your drains, so that you don’t see slow drainage.

Backed-Up Drains

Sometimes, water that should be drained can back up if drains are not cleaned properly through a professional drain cleaning service. There might be standing water in the shower for a while after everyone in your home has finished using it, or there could be water left in the sink after you’ve tried to empty it once finishing the dishes. If you regularly see standing water, it’s a sign that drains need a good cleaning as there’s a blockage preventing effective water drainage.

Frequent Toilet Clogs and Overflows

The occasional toilet clog is to be expected, and there is nothing to be concerned about if it’s only a sporadic issue. However, if the toilet is clogged frequently or worse, overflows, it’s definitely something you’ll need a professional to look at. Frequent clogs can be caused by various improperly flushed items, including an overload of paper towels or ‘flushable’ wipes, sanitary products, and even stray kids’ toys, as well as things outside your control, such as intrusive tree roots. Whatever the cause, get a plumber to perform a drain cleaning service to prevent further occurrences.

Sewage Scents

The smell of sewage is one of the most obvious signs that a drain is clogged. Clogged drains can lead to sewage accumulating and rotting in the pipes. This can be even more obvious and disturbing during the long, hot, and oppressive summers in Louisiana and potentially less noticeable during cold winters. If there’s even a hint of a sewage smell in your home, it’s important to act quickly to prevent sewage festering further and becoming more unpleasant for you and your family.

Musty Scents

Sewage is not the only source of unpleasant plumbing smells, trouble could be caused by a musty or moldy odor coming from your bathtub or sink. Mold needs moisture to grow, and stable access to water in home plumbing pipes that have become bacteria-rich over time provides excellent mold growth opportunities. A drain cleaning service will remove hair, soap scum, grease, and other sources of bacteria from within the pipes and get rid of the musty smell by clearing out any mold present.

Fruit Flies and Drain Flies

Flies are attracted to waste and other sewage that builds up in your drain. The smell that attracts fruit flies can pose a risk to your health if the flies infiltrate your food and kitchen. The drain fly, also known as the sewer or filter fly, likes to live in septic tanks and sewers. If you begin to notice a lot of flies appearing in and around your home, it’s worth getting the sewer drains and garbage disposal inspected and cleaned through a professional drain cleaning service.

Large Pest Appearance

Are you finding small rodents or large insects in your kitchen? Do not rush to call an exterminator. Instead, consider the possibility that your drain is clogged and you need a plumber. Rodents and other pets may use drain pipes, broken pipes, and other plumbing to get into your home. Only an experienced plumber will be able to identify and seal any entry points during a drain inspection or drain cleaning service.

Strange Noises

Drains can make strange sounds if they are blocked. You might notice gurgling, rattling, or bubbling sounds. When drains become clogged, the water will have to pass through tiny spaces or change its course, resulting in a change in the sound of drainage. A drain inspection can identify where the issue is along the drainage course and any issues can be rectified through a targeted cleaning service.

High Water Bills

Water bills are bound to fluctuate throughout the year. However, a sudden and continued increase in one month should be noted. A pipe blockage can cause plumbing leaks, which are not always easy to locate without professional equipment. To ensure a clean and free-flowing plumbing system, make sure you book regular drain cleaning services to prevent clogs and leaks from causing higher water bills in your New Orleans, LA home.

DIY Drain Cleaning Failures

Sometimes, minor clogs can be cleared by DIY drain cleaning. If you are unable to clear the drain, it is likely that the blockage is more severe or further down the pipe. To get the job done, you will need to call a plumber who has access to specialist equipment. Trained, experienced plumbers are able to swiftly identify where the blockage is and promptly remove it for you during a drain cleaning service.

How to Promptly Resolve All Drain Issues

To rectify issues with drainage in your home, contact the professionals at bluefrog Home Services of New Orleans. Set an appointment online or call our 24/7 line to request a free estimate. We provide a wide variety of drain services, including drain repairs and replacements, drain obstruction clearance, new sewer line installations, and repairing collapsed drains. We have decades of experience in the industry, and you can rely on our professional staff to resolve everything from minor clogs to major drain repairs during a drain cleaning service.

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